The recipe of mask for hair from egg yolk

The recipe of mask for hair from egg yolk

That hair remained healthy, the correct care for them is very important. For this purpose purchased cosmetics and cosmetics made in house conditions, for example, of mask from egg yolk can be used.

As a part of egg yolk there are 30 vitamins and 15 microelements: among them sulfur, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, sodium, etc. That is why the masks prepared on the basis of this product have the surprising force and curative impact on hair. For preparation of mask it is possible to use both store, and home-made eggs. The main thing that they were fresh.

"Vitelline" shampoo

Take 1-2 egg yolks (the quantity depends on length of hair), slightly shake up then they add several teaspoons of cold purified water and mix. If desired the structure is enriched with citrus or coniferous aromatic oils (to enough add 2-3 drops of the chosen essential oil). "Shampoo" is evenly applied on moist hair, massed 4-5 minutes then wash away warm water. It is necessary to rinse head of hear with the cold acidified water (on liter of water add 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar or lemon juice). Such procedure is recommended to carry out few times in month.

Egg mask for hair with the moistening effect

Process of preparation of this cosmetic looks so: 100 ml of fermented milk product (natural yogurt or sour cream) mix with 2 yolks. Further add 1 tsp of the crushed orange or lemon peel to this weight and again carefully mix. Then the turned-out gruel is applied on radical system and on all length of locks (cover with mask dry hair), warm the head, and 17-20 minutes later wash away mix warm water. It is necessary to do such procedure twice-three times a week. The effect of moistening is reached at the expense of two components of this cosmetic: yolks and fermented milk product.

Nutritious mask for hair from egg yolk

To prepare such cosmetic, take 2 tablespoons of burdock or castor oil, slightly warm up it on water bath then mix with egg yolk. Ready means rub the head in skin and apply on moist hair. From above wrap up the head with cellophane package and put on woolen cap. In 27-30 minutes the mask is washed away water of comfortable temperature. 2 times a week recommend to do this cosmetic procedure at least. Amazing effect: hairs become shiny and strong, their growth becomes active and it is possible to get rid of dandruff and irritation of head skin.

The strengthening cosmetic mix on the basis of egg yolk

Mix 100 g of cottage cheese with 2 egg yolks then add several drops of jojoba oil or avocado and couple of drops of vitamin A. Nutritious weight is applied on moist hair, from above warm the head and leave mask for 22-25 minutes. Recommend to do such mask once a week.

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