The recipe of mask for hair from pink clay

The recipe of mask for hair from pink clay

Cosmetic clay is the unique means used for skin and hair care. In cosmetology the application was found by all colors of clay deposits. Moreover, quite often they are combined, creating at the same time new cosmetic. The striking example of it is pink clay. By the way, do remarkable masks for hair of it.

Pink clay is received by mixing of red and white clay, that is why it combines useful properties of these two types of clay. As a part of such clay there are copper, iron, cobalt, iodine, silicon, manganese and other active agents. On consistence this very soft and gentle means.

Pink clay has disinfecting, eliminating the inflammation centers, restoring, softening and tonic properties. Besides, this cosmetic clay is very useful to dry, brittle, lifeless hair with split ends. Enriching head of hear with microelements and other valuable substances, pink clay recovers hair and returns them magnificent, healthy gloss.

Recipe of this means is as follows: - 2 tablespoons of pink clay; - 4 tablespoons of fresh grape juice; - 1 tablespoons of sour cream; - 2 tablespoons of ground coffee. Mix ground coffee with pink clay then this structure is parted with grape juice and enrich with sour cream. Ready means is applied on clean moist hair: at first cover with it radical system and accurately 2-3 minutes mass head skin, and after the remained means evenly distribute on all length of locks. Put on cellophane package the head and from above warm terry towel. 37-40 minutes later nutritious mix wash away water of comfortable temperature. The recommended frequency of implementation of such procedures – 2-3 times a week.

To prepare this wonderful mix, such components will be necessary: - 2 tablespoons of pink clay; - it is a little water; - several drops of aromatic rose attar. Clay is dissolved with warm water (the maximum temperature of such water - 37 wasps) before obtaining smetanoobrazny weight. After gruel enrich with aromatic oil and apply the turned-out means on moist clean hair. In 17-20 minutes the mask is washed away warm water. After such procedures the hair become obedient.

For preparation of this cosmetic use such components: - 2-3 tablespoons of pink clay; - it is a little water; - to steam of drops of essential oil of tea tree. Clay is filled in with warm water (the recommended water temperature - 36-37os) and carefully stirred: as a result the weight on consistences reminding sour cream has to turn out. Add aromatic oil to mix. Then apply ready cosmetic to head skin and on all length of locks. Such mask is held by 17-20 minutes then wash away water of comfortable temperature. Treatment course can last 3-4 weeks, at the same time weekly it is necessary to do 2-3 procedures.

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