The recipe of mask for the dry and injured hair

The recipe of mask for the dry and injured hair

Lifeless and dry as if straw, hair do not paint the owner at all. But such head of hear can be helped: for this purpose use cosmetics for the dry and injured hair of house production.

The egg mask restoring structure of the injured hair

Recovers weakened and the nutritious gruel made of the following components recovers the injured hair: - 2 tablespoons of olive oil;

- chicken yolk.

Slowly pour in yolk in oil and carefully mix components. After the gentle massing movements rub weight in head skin and, having covered the head with cellophane package and having wound with towel, hold mask of 30-33 minutes. Then "treat" for hair is washed away water with shampoo.

The amazing effect is observed after use of the cosmetic mix prepared according to the following recipe: - chicken yolk; - 50 ml of water; - 1 tablespoons of honey; - 8-10 drops of aromatic oil of eucalyptus; - glass of cognac. Cognac is parted with water of comfortable temperature, then mix in honey, slightly shaken up yolk and essential oil. Cover with ready "delicacy" for hair radical system and locks, leave mix for 22-25 minutes and wash away water with shampoo.

Onions and egg mix for the injured hair

The onions and egg gruel prepared according to such recipe recovers the weakened hair: - chicken yolk; - 1 tablespoons of olive oil; - 1 tablespoons of burdock oil; - 1 tablespoons of honey; - onions. The cleaned onions are crushed in gruel then mix with the yolk which is shaken up in gentle foam, oils and honey. Then mix is applied for 13-15 minutes on head of hear, washed away warm water with shampoo, and rinse head of hear with cool water with addition of several drops of citrus aromatic oils. Such mask should be done for the night because the onions aroma keeps very long.

Oil mix for the injured and dry hair

To allocate head of hear with the vital force and magnificent gloss, prepare cosmetic mix from such components: - 1 tablespoons of linseed oil; - 1 tablespoons of burdock oil; - 1 tablespoons of olive oil; - vitamins E and And. Oil mix is heated to comfortable temperature on water bath, and then enriched with vitamins. The nutritious oil structure is rubbed in radical system and distributed on locks. From above the head is covered with food wrap or put on cellophane package and warmed towel. Stand the restoring structure of 47-50 minutes and wash away warm water with shampoo. Apply this strengthening oil mix from 1 to 3 times a week for 1.5-2 months.

Milkshake - favourite "treat" for the injured hair

The recipe of this "delicacy" for head of hear is as follows: - chicken yolk; - 2-3 tablespoons of sour cream; - 1 tsps of honey; - 1 tsps of kefir or serum. Carefully mixed ingredients apply on locks and leave mix for 33-35 minutes. Then wash away reducing agent water with shampoo.

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