The rejuvenating face packs – beauty from make-shifts

The rejuvenating face packs – beauty from make-shifts

There is a wish that skin as long as possible remained young and healthy. For the sake of it many women are ready to give considerable money for procedures in beauty shops. Try to prepare face packs from make-shifts – the result will turn out not worse, than in salon.

Mask with green tea

Green tea – fine means for rejuvenation. It contains antioxidants – the substances capable to cope with free radicals (namely they and are responsible for aging process). It is useful not only to drink green tea, but also to use it as means for skin.

To make mask with green tea, the following ingredients which at many hostesses are always had near at hand will be necessary for you:

- green tea; - one egg; - flour. If you have krupnolistovy tea leaves, crush it. Mix tea leaves teaspoon with tablespoon of flour and one crude egg yolk. When mixture becomes homogenous, put it on face and leave, and in fifteen minutes wash warm water.

Carrot mask

Boil small carrots and by means of fork pound it to pyureobrazny consistence. Add to vegetable tablespoon of the warmed-up honey, half of teaspoon of olive oil (if you have very oily skin, there will be couples of drops), tablespoon of lemon juice enough (if you are owner of dry skin, the amount of lemon juice can also be reduced). Put mask on face and leave for fifteen minutes then wash away water.

Carrots give to the face light color of suntan. Lemon juice is the bleaching means, but if you have added only couple of drops, be ready that color of your skin will change.

Mask with seaweed and honey

The laminaria is not only useful foodstuff, but also the most valuable means in face care which effectively struggles with wrinkles, and honey perfectly moisturizes and smoothes the skin. Using them, it is possible to prepare the nutritious rejuvenating mask. Take two tablespoons of the dry crushed seaweed, mix them with egg white and tablespoon of honey. Cut orange and on drop squeeze out from it juice in weight, continuously stirring slowly until the mask gains pastelike consistence. Apply mask to clean face skin and necks, avoiding hit on eyelids and area under eyes (on eyes it is possible to put on cucumber circle). Fifteen minutes later wash away mask warm water.

The mask with seaweed and honey not only has the rejuvenating effect, she effectively struggles with pimples and eels, regulates secretory activity of glands.

Olive mask

The mask with olive oil is quite plain in preparation. Take crude egg yolk, add to it on teaspoon of honey and olive oil and carefully mix. Put mask on face and wait 15-20 minutes then wash away means water. This mask perfectly smoothes wrinkles and moisturizes the skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team