The rejuvenating make-up

The rejuvenating make-up

Any woman always wants to look young and fresh. But the years are taking their toll, and our age is displayed on face. What should I do? Of course, it is necessary to look after constantly himself, to do face exercises, useful masks, etc. But there is more to come. The correct make-up will help to rejuvenate for several years.

We level tone of the person

The proofreader is capable to cope with this problem. It is enough to apply of him on the shaded sites (under eyes, nose wings, on the center of chin, nasolabial folds) persons and to shade properly. Correctly picked up proofreader has to be on tone or is lighter than half-tone, than your skin. Powder has to be multi-colored - mix several tones and apply to skin. It not only will make even tone of the person, but also will help to hide skin shortcomings. And tone means has to be lung on the structure as dense will only aggravate situation and will emphasize all your wrinkles.

Relief cheekbones

The blush applied on upper part of cheekbones correctly will emphasize your face and will save you of several unnecessary years. It is necessary to give preference to natural shades, such as pink or peach. Avoid orange and brown shades of blush, they will only add to you two-three of years.

Volume lips

As the tool for creation of volume lips serves the planimetric pencil. It not only will constrain your lipstick from unexpected drips, but also will emphasize your lips. That lips did not seem drawn, select shade closer to color of lipstick. It is the best of all if it are natural shades: pink, apricot and peach.

Ideal eyebrows

With age the shape of eyebrows cardinally changes and also they become much more rare. To give density to eyebrows, it is necessary to comb at first them by means of special brush, and after to tint dark pencil a few. That eyebrows were more expressive, under their basis it is necessary to put light shadows and properly to shade them.

The tightened-up eyelashes

As a rule, either false eyelashes, or curling tongs in this case help. But it is possible to manage also usual mascara. That eyelashes were more dense and tightened up, it is necessary to apply habitual ink on diagonal. After that your eyes will become more expressive, and eyelashes volume.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team