The rejuvenating peeling for the person in house conditions

The rejuvenating peeling for the person in house conditions

The house rejuvenating peelings are not only effective remedy of rejuvenation, but also do not demand serious expenses. Mixes are prepared, as a rule, from the most available ingredients. The result does not concede to saloon procedures at all.


1. Before preparation of house peeling for rejuvenation of face skin define type of your skin. At tendency to greasy luster it is better to use mechanical methods of cleaning, and at dryness it is necessary to give preference to chemical treatment.

2. Mechanical peeling with pomegranate. For mix production you need 2 tablespoons of sunflower seeds of pomegranate, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and the same amount of honey. Carefully mix all ingredients and apply to face skin. Duration of the procedure should not exceed 10 minutes, it is necessary to wash away garnet mask massage movements with use only of warm water. It is better to steam out face previously.

3. Mechanical peeling with oatmeal. Mix one teaspoon of sea salt with oatmeal tablespoon. Rub small cucumber on small grater and squeeze out juice of the turned-out weight. Liquid mix with flour mix and promassiruyta face skin within several minutes. Then wash away the remains of peeling warm water.

4. Chemical peeling with pineapple. Take 200-250 g of pulp of ripe pineapple, carefully crush it and mix with several spoons of honey. Apply the turned-out mix to face skin by the principle of mask and wash away in 15-29 minutes.

5. Chemical peeling with strawberry. Carefully mash several berries of strawberry fork or spoon. Add a little sour cream and knead homogeneous mass. Put mix on face and carefully massage skin. For strengthening of effect of rejuvenation it is possible to add one more ingredient - almond oil.

6. Peelings are not recommended to be carried out daily. One-two times a week are enough to carry out procedures of rejuvenation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team