The stars which have lost weight by 20 kg

The stars which have lost weight by 20 kg

stars of cinema and music the same problems with weight, as well as at ordinary people. Difference only that each kilogram acquired or lost by them is considered and discussed on pages of yellow press.

Mathew Makkonakhi

In the movie Dallas Club of Buyers Makkonakhi the role of the electrician Ron Vudruf sick with AIDS has got. On plot he had to look sick and emaciated. For the sake of Mathew's role it was necessary to lose weight by 20 kilograms for very short term. Its day diet consisted of dietary Coca, boiled chicken and egg whites. Occasionally the actor indulged himself pudding from tapioca, however, he ate it with dietary spoon, prolonging pleasure for hour. Thanks to such tight restrictions of Makkonakhi lost 3-4 kilograms a week. Labors and tortures were not lost, for this role the actor has got the Oscar. Practically right after shooting he has managed to return the former form and already pleases fans with the beefy torso and irresistible smile.

Kelly Osborne

Great and awful Ozzy Osbourne's daughter many times said that she for anything in life will not refuse fast food. The audience Families Osbourne has got used to see it on the screen with pizza, sparkling water and chips. Everything has changed when Kelly was invited to participate in Dances with stars. Daily five-hour trainings were given very hard, and then the girl's partner in dances has advised it to reconsider the diet. Kelly has reduced consumption of sugar and white loaf and itself has noticed what became much easier to be danced. She has not refused pizza and hamburgers, but eats them only in the first half of day and in very limited quantities now. Result – minus of 28 kilograms and photoshootof in bikini on cover of the glossy magazine.

Valentina Rubtsova

The actress of series University and Sashatan has given birth to the daughter in 2011. Together with the joy of the birth of the child Wal has received in loading and 20 extra kilos. However on envy all it could get rid of them only for half a year. First, circumstances hurried – without actress could not begin shooting of sitcom of Sashatan. Secondly, Valentina nursed the daughter, and it imposes certain restrictions for mother's diet. In the menu there were buckwheat and pasta in small portions, occasionally boiled meat or fish. The begun shooting has nearly ruined the received result, actors on the platform not always have opportunity to eat properly.


The popular singer has very strongly recovered after the birth of the second child. She grew thin on Dyukana, refused some products, has practiced yoga and Pilates. The result was, but insignificant. The arrow of scales has stiffened on mark of 70 kilograms and did not wish to move down, despite all used efforts. Jasmin has asked for the help experts. For a start the trainer has made for it the individual program of trainings consisting of elements of choreography and power loadings. After that the nutritionist has advised the singer to refuse all diets and to eat just properly: is 6 times a day are necessary, and every portion has to find room in glass. Thanks to joint efforts of Jasmin it was succeeded to return itself former form. Now she devotes to trainings 2 hours 3 times a week and eats in the small portions.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team