The withering skin care

The withering skin care

To keep beauty at mature age it is difficult. But at regular leaving, it is possible to achieve good results.

Folds on face, wrinkles and furrows are not always signs of the withering skin. They can be also consequence of long-term habit to certain look. Goose pads under eyes arise from long prishchurivaniye of eyes, furrow on forehead - from habit to wrinkle forehead, at smokers folds around mouth are formed. Frost, strong wind, excessive radiation by the sun strongly dry up skin, it grows coarse, cages lose elasticity, and face skin spoils.

Regardless of the fact that is the reason of flabbiness of skin - whether these factors or years, - face care has to be constant, but not identical.

For women of advanced age there is a wish to give several advice how to look after face skin. 

Before it is necessary to remember what to wash hot water, hot compresses and steam bathtubs at withering skin, have to be applied, as seldom as possible.

On the contrary, cold water which improves blood circulation is recommended, and narrows pores.

Well skin is influenced by cold shower for face and neck.

Hard water should be softened: to boil or add to drill.

It is good to apply weak infusion of camomile to washing of the person.

It is useful to do moisturizing masks from time to time: for this purpose cotton wool layer, approximately in finger thickness moisten with the cold softened water and take about half an hour on face.

Skin over the years becomes to the land, and then there is need to resort to fat masks. They become also, as well as moistening, only the layer of cotton wool is moistened with warm vegetable oil (olive, coconut) Certainly, before these procedures skin previously, is carefully purified. At all this it is impossible to forget that skin has to breathe correctly. It is necessary ""to Process"" it with breaks approximately in 10 days. Frequent fat masks can lead to obstruction of time. It is good to wash face with enlarged pores with infusion of flowers of centaurea: - one - two handfuls of dried flowers of centaurea needs to be boiled in 0.5 liter of water within 10 minutes on slow fire. It is good to apply the same broth to clarification of blond hair. It is very important to monitor work of intestines as the slightest violation instantly affects skin: there is earthy complexion, pimples, spots. At locks bitter salt needs to accept gradually, to drink whey, there are salads, from fresh cabbage. They clean intestines from poisons, toxins, and promote normal work of digestive tract. 

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