There was irritation on face

There was irritation on face

The irritation of face skin and body represents rather widespread problem which it is necessary to solve quickly and qualitatively. Both external, and internal factors can be the reasons.

Basic reasons on which there is irritation on face are sharp temperature differences, change of climatic conditions, the wrong leaving, low-quality cosmetics, stressful situations, poor nutrition. That in the minimum terms to eliminate irritation on face, it is necessary to reveal and avoid repeated influence of this factor.

Of course, the irritation is unpleasant and rather painful sign near by. First of all, it is necessary to calm correctly face skin and bodies. For this purpose it is possible to use various cosmetics of soft action (milk, skin, cream). Do not apply products that contain alcohol which dry it at the angry skin at all and strengthen inflammatory process. For example, regular use of the moisturizing cream effectively removes irritation around lips. In certain cases the ideal decision means for sensitive skin is considered.

Also to cure irritation on face, the phototherapy course can be appointed. Most often, this method is applied at psoriasis which causes unpleasant feelings. Problem of the procedure is impact of ultra-violet radiation on affected areas of face skin and body. As a result significantly growth of the inflamed cages slows down that leads to improvement of health of the patient. If the irritation on face is caused by allergic reaction to any given product or substance, then it is reasonable to begin intake of antihistaminic medicines which quickly enough remove irritation. But it is necessary to consult with the expert and to follow the instruction for application. Reaction of skin to decorative cosmetics assumes immediate replacement of cosmetics by better. If the irritation became the shaving reason the machine or the special device, then it is necessary to get the means intended for these purposes (removal of irritation after shaving). Various components and vegetable oils which have good effect at regular use are its part. It is recommended to people whose skin has tendency to various rashes and irritation, to wash only warm water. After washing it is careful to blot face with towel, but not to pound it at all not to cause additional damages. Further it is necessary to apply the cream suitable your type of skin possessing the moistening action. In house conditions it is possible to apply various masks of own preparation. For example, the main ingredients of such means are vegetable oils, egg yolk, fermented milk products (sour cream, kefir, cottage cheese), grass broths, natural juice, etc. The last product (juice of berries or fruit) should be chosen especially carefully as some grades can cause irritation of skin that is fraught with adverse effects of treatment. The most plain mask is mix from fat cottage cheese or sour cream and juice. For this purpose take small amount of fermented milk product, add several drops of juice and evenly distribute on face. In 15-20 minutes it is necessary to wash away warm water. It is possible to add couple of drops of olive oil to this structure that promotes softening of face skin. Various broths of officinal herbs (camomile, train, St. John's wort) can be used as means for the washing and tonic intended for wiping by cotton tampon.

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