Through what the effective way to smooth skin lies: wax, depilator or razor?

Through what the effective way to smooth skin lies: wax, depilator or razor?

The word ""depilation"" seldom causes positive emotions. To fight against undesirable indumentum most often painfully, unpleasantly, long, and the result sometimes disappoints. It is time to weigh all pluses and minuses of different ways of depilation and to choose optimum for itself.

Many girls consider that in fight against undesirable hairiness as in love - all means are good. Before finding the ideal remedy for hairs on body, it is necessary to try not one set of wax strips, not one model of depilators and to use the whole mountain of safety razors. And, if carries, the secret of fast, safe and painless depilation for you will be opened.

It is possible to simplify and reduce this way, having attentively studied all pluses and minuses of each of ways, having compared all this with your specific features and what result will suit you. Each of ways should be considered from position of three main criteria: 

  • Morbidity
  • Availability
  • Procedure time
  • Effect duration

Wax depilation

Among three ways considered by us in popularity wax on the honourable third place. It is connected on the one hand with morbidity of the procedure, on the other hand - wax after all demands special skills of treatment of him. In spite of the fact that besides hot wax for which the special heater and fabric strips is necessary there are ready wax strips which can be bought in any shop of personal care products and cosmetics, nevertheless to make all correctly and will be quickly rather problematic. First, skin needs to be prepared at first: it is desirable to steam out, dry up and degrease. Then it is necessary to prepare wax / wax strips. Ready wax strips need to be warmed too, but not special plavitel, and in hands, about 2-4 minutes on everyone. And as it to be necessary for you on average in 4-5 wax strips on each leg, occupation it can drag on. It should be noted that the procedure in special salons, of course, will be performed much more qualitatively, but it is not less painful and time should allocate from 20 to 40 minutes for the procedure (only legs) and time to reach salon. By our criteria picture is as follows:

  • Morbidity - it is sick;
  • Availability - it is available;
  • Procedure time - long;
  • Effect duration - up to three weeks (depending on personal features). 

It should be noted that if to do depilation constantly, then over time the effect will longer keep and the morbidity of the procedure will a little decrease


Depilation by the special electric machine - the depilator on the second place in popularity at the fair sex. This excellent decision for those who appreciate the time and the money. Having walked on shops of the equipment, only at first sight this device can seem expensive. Having paid only once for the good depilator, you will save huge money on procedures in salon and will nevermore enter safety razors in the list of the purchases. However the problem of morbidity remains unresolved. The procedure can seem to girls with low pain threshold intolerable. The fact is that wax is broken sharply, one movement saving you from large number of hairs, and the depilator rather slowly and consistently pulls out hair behind hair. But the depilator always near at hand, at any time, in any place where there are socket or batteries, you do not need to wait for record at the master and to go to salon.

  • Morbidity: very painfully;
  • Availability - it is available;
  • Procedure time - 10-20 minutes;
  • Effect duration - up to three weeks.


And at last, the most popular attribute of judges of smooth legs. Despite the prevalence, this way, unfortunately, it is least effective. If after the depilator or wax hairs become weak and thin, then after the razor on the contrary - they grow coarse, grow so quicker, how more often you shave legs. Besides esthetic impracticality, the razor - not the safest sanitary product: quite often from the razor the irritation appears and the razor it is much more probable to bring some infection, than the depilator. And despite all these shortcomings the razor bribes only two pluses: 1) speed; 2) painlessness. 5 minutes in the bathroom and your legs in full order (the truth only the first 2-3 days).

  • Morbidity: not painfully;
  • Availability - it is available;
  • Procedure time - 5-10 minutes;
  • Effect duration - after three days after to have a shave prickly ""stubs"" are felt.

Choose way of depilation, paying attention to features of your skin, to the pain threshold and depending on that how many money and time you are ready for it to spend. On ratio the price quality the most favorable option is the depilator, but it and the most painful way. So to solve to you. Your beauty and health in your hands.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team