To lose weight by beach season without harm for health

To lose weight by beach season without harm for health

With approach of warm sunny days the problem of weight loss rises practically before each girl. Effectively to look in bathing suit by beach season, it is necessary to undertake the figure in advance. How to shape up and to do much harm to health?

For today there is set of various ways of weight loss - diets, medications for weight reduction, sets of exercises, author's techniques. In most cases rigid diets yield only temporary result. Besides stress for organism, further there is bigger set of weight, the metabolism mechanism is stopped. The exhausting trainings, without correction of diet - are ineffective. And weight loss by means of medications, without observation of the expert, can be life-threatening.

Guarantee of healthy weight reduction is integrated approach which has to include change of gastronomic habits and availability of regular physical activity.

The first step to ideal figure – purchase of bathroom scales, it is necessary to be weighed daily in the mornings, it is so simpler to control food. Thus it is possible to understand - what products promote weight reduction and what to set. On the basis of these observations it is possible to correct diet. Food has to be fractional, namely is it is necessary each 3-4 hours in the small portions, surely breakfast. To avoid liquid delay in organism it is necessary to drink not less than 1.5 - 2 pure liters a day. Each person is individual, it is important to listen to the organism.

The second important step to beautiful figure is the physical activity. For a long time the known fact that process of weight reduction begins only when the organism spends more energy, than consumes. Optional from the very beginning of process of weight loss to exhaust itself with two-hour trainings in the gym. It is possible to begin with simple exercises of the house, to do exercises, to work bodifleksy or oksisayzy under video. On it only 15-20 minutes will leave, and the result will not keep itself waiting long. Over time it is possible to increase loading, to add exercise on problem parts of body. Also favorably walks in the fresh air and healthy sleep will affect health. To avoid flabbiness of skin it is recommended to use special creams, masks and structures for wrapping. To do self-massage. These procedures need to be performed regularly. Skin will be gradually smoothed, and manifestations of cellulitis every day will be less and less. The main thing not to put weight loss away for later, and to be engaged in the figure right now - in this case success is guaranteed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team