To what to the doctor to go to treat barley

To what to the doctor to go to treat barley

Barley is the very unpleasant disease century caused by bacterial infection. Is inflammation of hair bulb of eyelash, sebaceous gland or part of meibomian gland (internal barley).


  1. Barley is the frequent satellite of such diseases as diabetes, colitis and gastritis. The contributing factor for its emergence - decrease in immunity during catarrhal diseases and after overcooling, hypovitaminosis. In 95% of cases barley is caused by golden staphylococcus, some patients have barley reason - skin tick (demodex).
  2. The first symptom of disease is the swelling and morbidity in the field of edge of upper or lower eyelid, reddening of conjunctiva. Some patients can have intoxication symptoms - the low temperature, the general weakness, headache. In 2-3 days in the center of swelling there is head of yellowish color, then there is opening of barley to allocation of purulent contents. Several barley can be formed at once, in such cases the symptoms of intoxication will be more expressed.
  3. At internal barley similar symptoms are observed, but opening happens in conjunctival bag, the disease proceeds less sharply, than at usual. Frequent complication of internal barley is halyazion, so-called ""cold"" barley. It appears as a result of obstruction of channel of meibomian gland and congestion of secretory liquid.
  4. At the halyaziyena during century there is dense, almost painless consolidation of the size of small pea. The disease develops slowly, there are no signs of inflammation at the same time - it is difference of halyazion from usual barley, patients are disturbed by only cosmetic defect. The infection can sometimes join, in such cases temperature increases, reddening and pain appears.
  5. At the first signs of barley it is better to see doctor at once - to the oculist, but not to self-medicate. The first few days carry out greasing of swelling by spirit solutions, then antibacterial ointments and drops are appointed. If necessary the doctor can appoint antibiotics, physical procedures, vitamins and medicines for increase in immunity.
  6. At barley it is impossible to do compresses and lotions as additional moistening of skin can lead to spread of infection and emergence of the new centers of inflammation. It is strictly forbidden to squeeze out barley or to try to open it in house conditions - it can lead to inflammation of eye-socket, abscess or phlegmon, up to development of inflammation of brain covers. Also it is not recommended to use cosmetics during disease and to carry contact lenses.
  7. Prevention of barley quite simple - to follow rules of personal hygiene, to try not to rub hands, especially dirty, eyes. It is also necessary that each family member had towels, when using contact lenses - it is correct to dress them and to store. To women to use only individual cosmetics. At frequent aggravations the intake of vitamins and immunomodulators and also treatment of associated diseases is recommended.

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