To whom does the hairstyle short flight of stairs go on long hair?

To whom does the hairstyle short flight of stairs go on long hair?

The hairstyle short flight of stairs allows to create good volume. It goes that whose hair by nature rather thin. The special technology of hairstyle allows to make them magnificent, to give radical volume.

Hairstyle short flight of stairs - what is it

The hairstyle is carried out by short flight of stairs as follows: all hair gather in tail on the top which has hair cut. Length of locks will be equal to distance from head skin to that place where the hairdresser holds hair with hand in occipital and parietal zones. Hair behind and on temples will practically keep initial length. Curls on all head will be extended from the top to neck, kind of creating short flight of stairs, its shortest locks - in parietal and occipital zones.

Short flight of stairs is usually provided in hairstyle bang. But if you do not want it, warn the master. Then before creation of hairstyle he will separate frontal locks and will cut them separately.

Hair, cut short flight of stairs, it is possible to stack differently. To do high tail, bunch, fashionable braid. Behind there will be enough length of locks for any laying.

The hairstyle short flight of stairs can be as long (if hair initially reached shovels), and short (in case locks did not fall below shoulders). Some hairdressers call longer hairstyle cascade though actually hairstyles are created on absolutely identical technology. Many masters prefer to thin out the ends of locks to facilitate even more curls, to give them volume. If your hair and so rather thin, ask to make tapering only of occipital zone.

The hairstyle short flight of stairs - to whom it goes

The hairstyle short flight of stairs is very convenient and practically does not demand laying. It is very female as creates smooth transition from short locks to long, there are no sharp abstract lines. The hairstyle always keeps tidy look, hair grow accurately.

The hairstyle short flight of stairs well looks both on monophonic, and on melirovanny hair. Thin light locks on dark curls will give additional volume to hairstyle.

This hairstyle very much suits girls with oval or rectangular face type. And the option where hair reach shoulders, will decorate owners of round face. Also girls will suit hairstyle with sharp chin. But in this case temporal locks need to be stacked the ends outside that they compensated difference between width of forehead and chin. The hairstyle short flight of stairs will suit all those who want to give the volume of upper part of the head, thereby having counterbalanced too heavy chin. Upper shorter locks do not press on lower, the hairstyle becomes magnificent. To support it during the day, it is enough to hang the head down, to scatter varnish on roots and to lift up. Hair will lay down beautiful cascade.

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