To whom there is chocolate hair color

To whom there is chocolate hair color

Thanks to variety of shades of chocolate color any girl can pick up the necessary tone for hair-dyeing. The hair color after coloring surely has to be in harmony with color of skin and eye.

Chocolate color never gets out of fashion – opposite, becomes more popular thanks to variety and richness of shades. This surprising color can be warm caramel-brown or cold, reminding the real bitter chocolate. Choosing chocolate hair color, take into account not only fashionable trends, but also the tsvetotip.

Representatives of so-called winter tsvetotip will only win if they change color of the curls to chocolate. Winter beauties have by nature expressive appearance: snow-white or swarty skin, equal complexion, brown or green eyes and dark hair. They can advise saturated shades of chocolate color with steel or black outflow. At selection of paint it is necessary to consider that on chestnut-colored or nutbrown hair color will look more dark therefore before coloring it is the best of all to address the professional hairdresser. The image will help to emphasize the received hair color and to add bright make-up with emphasis on eyes and lips.

Whether can choose chocolate shade color of the girl of spring, autumn and summer tsvetotip? Certainly, can, at observance of some rules. The spring tsvetotip will suit not too bright or dim shades, and something, reminding light milk chocolate. Spring girls have usually ashy or golden hair, peach skin, gray or blue eyes therefore the chocolate shade of hair will help them to make appearance more effective and contrast. Painting hair, it is impossible to forget about eyelashes and eyebrows which at spring tsvetotip often are very light. It is desirable to give them the same shade, as well as on hair. Autumn tsvetotip it is easy to recognize by reddish nutbrown hair, brown or blue eyes and transparent skin with freckles. With very dark hair color such appearance will lose identity therefore it is better for autumn ladies to choose warm milk and chocolate tone with notes of gold and copper. The new color of hair will be perfectly in harmony with soft make-up in beige and coral tones. Summer – quite bright tsvetotip of which olive skin, green or gray eyes and fair hair are characteristic. Summer girls are able to afford courageous experiments and to choose bright chocolate color of cold or warm shade. The main thing is not to abuse decorative cosmetics, otherwise the image will turn out too defiant.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team