Tonic cosmetic face packs

Tonic cosmetic face packs

The tone of skin is its elasticity and ability to be restored quickly after influence of any aggressive factors. Fruit and vegetables, vitamin-rich E, A, K, C and B, help to keep skin in tone.

If you want to bring up the person and to refresh it, use egg and honey mask. It is required to you: 1 protein, 2 tsps of flour, 1 tsp of honey. Beat egg white, add flour and honey. Pound all components with each other. Put mix on the cleaned face. In 20 minutes wash water of room temperature. Protein contains remarkable vitamin B which holds moisture in skin. Therefore after mask on face there will be very pleasant feeling.

The main task of tonic masks is stimulation of blood circulation and exchange processes in skin.

The mask with olive oil possesses nutritious action. Shake up 1 yolk, add 1 tablespoon of olive oil and several drops of lemon juice. Apply thin film of mix on the person. You hold mask no more than 15 minutes, and then wash face with warm water. Such structure perfectly nourishes and moistens skin. Olive oil contains vitamin E which is the strongest antioxidant. Effect of oil is supported with lemon juice. The vitamin C which is contained in lemon juice strengthens production of collagen and promotes forming of new fabrics.

For the toning and rejuvenating effect make such mix: 2 tsps of honey, 1 polished apple, 1 tablespoon of olive oil. In order that all components have carefully mixed up, kindle honey. Put mask on all face. You can mention zone of neck and decollete. You hold mix of 5-10 minutes. Unmask by means of the cotton pad moistened in warm milk. Such mix approaches to recover skin. Apple gives to the face freshness, and olive oil - softness and velvet.

That the mask worked better, before its application steam out face.

Yeast is well of vitamins and microelements which are very important for normal activity of skin cells. So, vitamins of group B tone up and refresh skin. And PP and H vitamins nourish skin. Fill in with water dessertspoon of yeast so that dense gruel was formed. Add drop of olive oil and mix mix. Take sponge and put it mask on face. When mix dries up, put one more layer. In total three layers are necessary. After that take mask of 10 minutes and wash away warm water. Now rinse face mineral water and wipe it with cotton pad with tonic. Oat-flakes has the revitalizing effect and improve structure of skin. For plain mask you need 100 grams of oat-flakes, 1 cup of hot milk, 1 tsp of olive oil. Crush oat-flakes in the blender. Add milk and olive oil. Process mask not only face, but neck and decollete. You can apply residues of mix on hands. You hold mask of 20 minutes, and then take sponge and remove mix. The mask tones up skin and peels the died-off cages. Thanks to it the face is bleached, becomes fresh and cleaned. Fresh berries of strawberry and raspberry contain a lot of vitamin E and Page. Therefore use these tasty products for masks. Mix 1 tsp of strawberry juice and 1 tsp of crimson juice. Use juice of the frozen berries in the winter. Add 4 tablespoons of fresh milk. Take gauze piece of the size of the person. Make in it holes for eyes. Now wet gauze in berry juice. Wring out gauze that from it liquid did not drip. Put fabric on the person. Wait so far the gauze completely will dry.

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