Toning of hair after highlighting: pluses and minuses of the procedure

Toning of hair after highlighting: pluses and minuses of the procedure

Toning of hair is sparing and safe way of nondurable coloring. Aggressive substances which can perniciously affect structure of hair are not part of the tinting means.

Women tried to look effectively and beautifully at all times. About emergence of hair-dye the task has become simpler. But, unfortunately, often it is impossible to paint hair, otherwise it will affect perniciously their growth and health. Toning became way out. The procedure has a number of advantages. Though it has enough shortcomings too.


Toning of hair after highlighting is not just way to make hair color more interesting. It also opportunity a little to strengthen structure. First, highlighting strongly dries up locks. They become fragile and dry. Toning allows to make hair stronger and healthier as not only temporarily painting pigments, but also oils, vitamins and useful microelements enter tonics. Secondly, after highlighting of lock often gain color of dry straw. Toning allows to give a little playing and unusual shade not only to melirovanny locks, but also hairstyle in general.

One more indisputable advantage is safety of the procedure. Means for toning of hair (tonics) do not contain ammonia, peroxide of hydrogen and other elements, aggressive for hair. It is safe way to make the hair more interesting on color. Without any damage to their growth and development. Huge choice of tones. The set of various shades is presented at the market of the painting hair preparations that allows to choose any pleasant. At the same time, if toning yields not that result which you would like to see, it is always possible to wash away quickly and safely tone or to replace it with another.


Toning of hair after highlighting has also shortcomings. So, for example, if there are gray-haired locks which did not promelirovat, then toning will not hide them. Though there are also special structures of the tinting basis which are intended for gray hair. Look for on tonic package phrase "is suitable for toning of gray hair". Remember that on structure such tonic will be more aggressive, than usual, though it is many times softer and safer, than paint. One more minus is that hair cannot be clarified by means of toning. Maximum effect of the tinting means – giving of shade to already clarified hair, but not their direct clarification. As in structure there is no ammonia and peroxide of hydrogen, tonic just gives nondurable shade, without getting deeply into structure of hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team