Toning of hair after highlighting: precautionary measures

Toning of hair after highlighting: precautionary measures

Toning after highlighting allows to add to hair gloss and volume. But the painting pigments well lay down only on healthy hair. For this reason at first it is necessary to provide to hair due care.

Highlighting of hair allows to change the appearance, to paint over the appearing gray hair. For pridacha to hair of new shade special structures are used. Most often they are issued in the form of tonics. Toning of melirovanny locks allows: - to remove yellowness which can appear when using of the clarifying mix;

- to add to hair gloss;

- to change image.

Precautionary measures

If you want when toning the natural hair color to have not disappeared, it is necessary to take 1.5% the activator. If to maintain means on hair smaller amount of time, then dye will not be fixed in structure of hair. Therefore it is necessary to follow instructions which are attached to paint or tonic.

Many experts after highlighting do not recommend to apply tonic at once. First, it is necessary that color was fixed on locks. Secondly, use of the clarifying mixes at the heart of which there is ammonia or peroxide of hydrogen breaks structure of hair. The majority of coloring shampoos also contain aggressive chemicals. Therefore it is better to use for the first time after highlighting the tinting means not earlier than in two weeks.

How to avoid failures when toning melirovanny hair?

It is necessary to remember that the tinting paint well lays down only on healthy hair. Therefore before its application it is worth restoring their structure by means of balms and masks. Practically any chemical means can cause allergy. That to avoid it, it is worth applying it on the site of skin behind ear lobe. If in the next few hours no reaction was shown, then means can be used. Pay attention if after highlighting you have applied henna on hair, then the tinting means will not paint hair. Experts say that with henna it is necessary to be careful and before highlighting. Otherwise it is possible to receive color which will strongly differ from the desirable. Because toning from hair is very quickly washed away, it should be repeated regularly. It is desirable to use means of one line or brand. In this case you protect hair from excessive traumatizing. Thus, toning after highlighting allows the woman to gain new image. After the procedure the hair look more volume and are beautifully poured in the sun. But to achieve such result, it is necessary to pick up correctly structures and also to carry out all procedures in professional salons.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team