Top-10 masks for skin lightening and prevention of freckles

Top-10 masks for skin lightening and prevention of freckles

Freckles! Someone considers them ornament and juicy "highlight" of the appearance, and for someone they become big problem. In fight against freckles masks from available products can provide substantial assistance. It is necessary to apply them to the cleaned face skin in problem zones for about 20-25 minutes, and then to wash away warm water. Masks it is possible (and it is even necessary) to put on all face as, except the clarifying properties, they have also nutritious and moistening properties.


1. To mash fork 2 berries of fresh strawberry (it is possible and frozen – defrozen), to mix carefully with sour cream teaspoon.

2. To rub half of fresh cucumber on small grater, to add on teaspoon of sour cream and fresh lemon juice.

3. To mix one tablespoon of soft cottage cheese and two tablespoons of kefir.

4. On tablespoon of berries of black or red currant and strawberry to knead to condition of puree, to add incomplete teaspoon of wheat or rye flour and to mix carefully.

5. Bunch is fresher than some parsley very small to cut, and then to pound before release of juice. To add two tablespoons of cottage cheese and to mix carefully.

6. To beat egg white, to add 2 tablespoons rye, corn or oatmeal and 2 tablespoons of tomato or lemon juice. To move carefully. If mix has turned out liquid, to add a little more flour.

7. To beat egg white in strong foam. Carefully stirring slowly, to pour thin stream in 1 teaspoon of peroxide of hydrogen (3%). This mask needs to be put on face three times, allowing to dry out each layer before drawing the following.

8. To squeeze out juice of fresh berries of cranberry, to warm up it on water bath and at once to apply to face skin.

9. To beat egg white. To pour 1/2 teaspoons of dry baker's yeast and to continue to shake up before their dissolution.

10. To grate one small black radish, to wring out juice. In small pan to mix radish juice with equal amount of red dry wine, to bring mix to boiling and to uparit at slow boiling to condition of dense extract. To apply this extract to skin as mask. To store in the fridge.

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