Top-4 successful hairstyles for fine hair

Top-4 successful hairstyles for fine hair

It is easy to style fine hair, they long keep form. But at the same time it is quite difficult to build magnificent hairstyle as thin curls have not enough volume. To correct this problem, it is necessary to select the correct hairstyle.

Hairstyles on long and average hair - steps and tapering will create the necessary volume

Ideal, greatest possible length of hairstyle for fine hair - is slightly lower than shoulders. For longer hairstyles dense, dense curls are necessary, then they will beautifully look. Long fine hair should be styled every day in hairstyle which will create the necessary volume. And here curls to shoulders can be carried dismissed in case they are cut correctly.

The correct hairstyle for long and average fine hair - step. Locks on the top and in occipital zone have to be shorter, than curls behind. Then the hairstyle will receive the necessary volume, will seem magnificent.

If you want to create the most volume hairstyles on fine hair - get locks on hairpins. They will make fashionable braid magnificent, bunch - elastic and big.

The most popular hairstyles in which locks have different length - "Aurora" and caret. In the first case difference between length of locks considerable, on nape they are cut very shortly. In the second case the curls have almost equal length, are only a little shortened in parietal and occipital zones. Very often, creating caret hairstyle, hairdressers thin out tips to facilitate hair, to make them the most magnificent. These hairstyles with hair of average length are very convenient since they allow to create various fashionable hairstyles.

Short hairstyles for fine hair - simple laying and beautiful form

It is the simplest to do beautiful hair on fine hair if they are cut shortly. Small amount of liquid for laying (it approaches best of all since does not make heavier lock), round hairbrush, the hair dryer - and the stylish magnificent hairstyle is ready. Thus it is possible to stack hairstyles like "Waiter" or "Bean". In them the main volume falls to the upper share, and from below hair are cut very shortly. They kind of support the extended upper locks, allowing to keep hairstyle volume for a long time. The only minus of short hair - to wash them and it is necessary to stack every day. In night the short curls are rumpled, get out of shape, the hairstyle looks untidy.

Dark hair seem more volume, than fair only if their length more than five centimeters.

It is worth being careful with extremely short hairstyles where hair have length less than three centimeters. If curls liquid and dark, then in such hairstyles can be formed ugly high temples. That insufficient volume has not been too noticeable - dye hair in light shades.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team