Top-5 means for improvement of appearance of teeth. Beautiful teeth no problem!

Top-5 means for improvement of appearance of teeth. Beautiful teeth no problem!

-white smile – additional decoration of the person. Many resort when bleaching teeth to national methods, some address experts, others buy special means.

One of the best national methods of bleaching of teeth is baking soda. It is mixed with toothpaste, and brush teeth two-three minutes. The procedure is carried out once a week. Effect – soda grinds teeth, however together with raid it is possible to scrape off also tooth enamel. Besides, this method is traumatic for gums. It is possible to bleach teeth also by means of hydrogen peroxide. It it is possible to rinse oral cavity or to accurately wipe enamel with the moistened cotton tampon. Many gels for bleaching contain hydrogen peroxide in the basis. However, at long use, tooth enamel is exhausted, and teeth can be spoiled.

Acid and peroxide can cause also irritation of soft tissues of gums. Besides, they can be injured at careful friction. Therefore before using folk remedies, both the gum, and teeth is better to strengthen at first.

Wood ashes – one of the oldest ways of bleaching. It is good absorbent and excellent means of bleaching. Its active ingredient is potassium hydroxide. Ashes are applied on toothbrush, and it brushes teeth. Besides, also lemon juice which is also used to clarify nails, hair or teeth is long since applied to bleaching. Lemon juice is applied on teeth and several minutes keep. The mouth then is rinsed warm water. However also you should not be overzealous with use of lemon juice as its surplus can negatively affect condition of gums.

House bleaching will make more comfortable gel for bleaching of teeth. On print of teeth the stomatologist creates special kappa or matrix in which the bleaching substance is already independently filled in, and she is put on teeth. The doctor will be able to pick up and necessary material. It will also help to predict speed for achievement of effect and time of carrying kappa.

This technique is considered in stomatology of the most modern. It will be able to bleach teeth for one procedure. The doctor will make professional protection for teeth, covering them with the strengthening gel. However, such method expensive. The cost only of one procedure in different clinics reaches time of five hundred dollars. But the result can keep several years.

When toothbrushing it is better not to touch gums with toothbrush. After teeth are cleaned, it is the best of all to rinse mouth forest balm or camomile infusion which will help to save from inflammatory effect of toothbrushing.

This means is considered one of the cheapest and safe methods of bleaching of teeth. Such pastes have in the basis baking soda or sodium bicarbonate. Sodosoderzhany means mechanically helps with bleaching of teeth. That is the dark dental plaque is scratched out together with upper layer of tooth enamel. Teeth, of course, will become much lighter, however tooth enamel will be spoiled. The sensitivity to hot or cold food will increase therefore stomatologists unanimously against such method in the long period.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team