Types and features of men's manicure

Types and features of men's manicure

Men's manicure will make hands beautiful, tidy and will help to avoid emergence of fungus. Saloon or house procedures for men differ by types of processing of nails and skin.

Manicure for men has essential differences from female hand care. It is worth thinking for what girls visit manicurists? Most often services of experts for women is opportunity to try new design, interesting color of varnish. Whereas men just need to put nails and hands in order, to maintain their esthetics, gigiyenichnost.

Manicure for the man – features

Traditionally the procedure of arrangement of male nails takes more time, than female manicure. The nail plate at men is thicker, more dense, the skin on hands – is more rough.

Usually guys prefer to refuse any design delicacy. Men's manicure has strictly practical need – that nails looked accurately, but at the same time it is natural. During the work on hands also the aim of softening of skin is pursued. The master can suggest to remove the coarsened skin, callosities.

Work of the master when performing classical manicure for men includes several obligatory stages:

  •    Processing of cuticle.
  •    Modeling of form of nail plate.
  •    Polish of nails.
  •    Removal of agnails.
  •    Massage of hands with use of the nutritious, softening means.
  •    Drawing protective colourless coating.

Types of men's manicure – what to choose

The most popular types of manicuring for men are:

  •    European manicure. The most demanded procedure at guys. It is especially distributed because assumes painlessness, safety. Important advantage of this look is that at regular visit of the master the cuticle will always look well-groomed. And the cuticle at such procedure is not deleted with scissors, it is only softened by means of fruit acids, and then removed. The European manicure for men also includes use of nutritious oils for the nail basis.
  •    Classical men's manicure comes down to observance of gigiyenichnost. This direction can argue in popularity with the European leaving. Classics still is called surgical, cut manicure. But at men such procedure is less demanded, than at women. It is connected with the fact that when processing hands the cuticle is removed scissors. Cut manicure can lead to pain, injuries.
  •    Hardware manicure is also widespread among men. For its carrying out special devices with various nozzles are used. It is the sparing technology by means of which it is possible to soften the coarsened skin, to bring covering of nail plate to perfection, it is good to grind it.

For nail care it is the best of all for representatives of strong half of mankind to address experts. Especially, if it is necessary to maintain beauty of hands by it only periodically – for example, to certain celebration. Competently carried out men's manicure will help to feel confident with any situation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team