Types of eye shadow: properties and rules of drawing

Types of eye shadow: properties and rules of drawing

choosing ideal eye shadow it is necessary to understand, than their different types differ from each other. It is important since the end result of make-up will depend on your choice.

Dry shadows

In turn, are divided into the following subspecies:

- pressed – the most widespread look, represents densely pressed compact powder;

- baked differ in the fact that are made under the influence of high temperatures thanks to what possess in the most saturated flowers, is frequent with gloss and much longer keep on centuries; both of this views are put by means of the ordinary applicator;

- friable – color powder in jar, bright shades, with gloss and spangles, differ in long period of storage;

Liquid shadows

Great advantage of this look is the unsurpassed firmness. They are easily and quickly put, instantly dry (due to maintenance at the heart of water or alcohol), allowing to create bright evening images. But there are also minuses. Liquid shadows will not be suitable for day make-up for the following reason. They do not give in at all to shading since quickly dry. Besides, create thin film which pulls together and dries eyelid on skin. It is the best of all to use such cosmetics at fat type of skin. Besides everything listed, it is necessary to get used to put them immediately, otherwise the covering will leave uneven.

Shadows mousses

The simplest and fast in drawing. They perfectly will be suitable for daily make-up. Are remarkably shaded, allowing to regulate intensity of color and are practically not showered even during heat. The firmness will provide them the correct drawing: the eyelid skin has to be clean, and at the end it is necessary to take several seconds eyes closed before full drying of make-up. Are put with soft brush and are spent very economically.

Shadows pencils

Are similar to usual pencil for eyes, but is much thicker also with softer slate pencil. Are quickly and conveniently put, but for the sake of it it is necessary to offer firmness.  Besides it is better not to apply such shadows on all eyelid. Leading of upper and lower eyelid with the subsequent shading will become optimal variant.

Creamy shadows

Something between dry and liquid types. Usually are issued on wax or oily base that provides comfortable drawing and also brightness and saturation. Unfortunately, it is undesirable to use them in hot season as they have unpleasant property to flow. For the same reason are not recommended for oily skin century. It is the best of all to use in the winter, besides decorative effect they create additional protection. Apply such shadows on special basis with soft brush from natural hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team