Ultrasonic therapy. Micromassage of fabrics at the cellular level

Ultrasonic therapy. Micromassage of fabrics at the cellular level

therapy is used not only as the cosmetology procedure for a long time, but also in the medical purposes. This therapy assumes the treatment based on the mechanical nature.

By the nature ultrasound is similar to massage. During the procedure ultrasound interacts with biological fabrics, and the frequency of its fluctuations exceeds 20 kHz. During interaction of ultrasound there is stretching and compression of cages, thereby it makes bactericidal, resorptional and metabolic impact.

The very first effect is shown at the level of fabrics and is noticeable on intracellular processes. Under the influence of ultrasound, work of all exchange processes is strengthened, the percent of content of nucleic acids increases. Process of breath of fabrics improves and stimulated.

Treatment by ultrasound allows to increase formation of set of active agents, such as heparin and histamine. Perfectly takes off pain, improves blood circulation, vessels come to tone, microcirculation process improves. Ultrasonic therapy is called still fonoforez. All procedure helps to humidify and rejuvenate integument, even often try to obtain that hems resolve and pigmental spots disappear.

Therapy means not only mechanical and physicochemical effect, but also thermal. By means of ultrasound, toxins perfectly leave, surplus of fat is removed and burned, and the viability of cages increases. Influence of heat improves blood circulation process that substantially accelerates chemical reactions, leading to active production of enzymes and collagen and also elastin.

In the course of the procedure it is not injured and the integument does not stretch. Everything is painless absolutely and does not cause any discomfort. It is possible to notice cosmetic effect soon. The course is usually designed for 15 procedures which have to be held on regular basis, and in week it is recommended to carry out not less than two procedures.

But such therapy is recommended not to all. It is impossible to undergo ultrasonic procedures at pregnancy and in the course of feeding of the kid at all. Also contraindications is epilepsy, diseases of blood and thyroid gland, diabetes and oncology.

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