Unexpected inventions for our beauty

Unexpected inventions for our beauty

will not begin to tell you about strange mixes which women in the past used. We will address by today. It appears, for our beauty many products are thought up presently, sometimes they force to smile, and surprise us.

The zephyr with kollagenomupakovka such zefirinok comprises about three hundred mg of collagenic peptides. Such zephyr is created in order that literally to pump up the organism collagen, youth and elasticity of skin as a result is promised. Perhaps there is also anti-aging cream as a part of which there is collagen, to accept inside? It is known that collagen molecules so are big that to get into deep layers of our skin, are not capable. Perhaps it is necessary to eat collagen?

The cookies intended for increase gruditaky strange product has been made in Japan. The cookies promising to increase breast to that person who eats it have been presented at the market in Japan in 2005. And after, by the way, it has extended worldwide. Cookies contain special ingredient, the root Pueraria Mirifica — wonderful herbs which were found in the east of Myanmar and Thailand. It has been proved in 1952 that this root contains hormones which female breast help to develop stronger. At such cookies by-effects too very useful – the cheerfulness increases and the appetite increases.

Platye-nastroyeniyevot it would be good to possess dress – the mood indicator. And for colleagues clear, and for the husband that we feel at the moment. Such thing was invented! In the 1970th g the ring – the indicator of mood of the owner of ring has appeared for the first time. Have not forgotten this technology and have created dress. Depending on condition of emotions of his hostess, color of dress changes. Have helped to realize the idea Philips Electronics technologies. This dress has the special biometric sensor and two-layer design. During change of mood the dress begins to be highlighted in various flowers. The lip gloss intended for … pokhudeniyarech will go about FUZE Slenderize Guilt Free Lip Gloss — unusual gloss. No, is it it is not necessary. It works as simple gloss — pleasantly smells of fruit gentle aroma, makes up lips, gives shine. Only it has one more interesting function – gloss is capable to suppress appetite. This action in tastes and special aroma is concluded. It has property to increase human energy, despite the lack of food, such action keeps several hours. Different aromas at choice are provided: lime, raspberry, bilberry, melon, strawberry. At users gloss metabolism improves, fats are quicker burned. The lotion doing body sexual and soblaznitelnymmilliona of women wish to be at the right time sensual and sexual, having tempted the desired man. And there was in the market such means which answers these plans. It is Flirty Little Secret – lotion from Booty Parlor. Lotion promises really wonderful transformations. He pulls skin and increases bust, creating effect of elastic young body. Carries out it at the expense of huge dose of collagen which is part. But it is not all! Lotion is intended for night of love. Therefore its formula is based on pheromones, they will dement your lover, of you any efforts are not required at all. The correct smile with the help trenazheraopyat novelty from Japan. Just the smile is not enough, it appears, it has to be perfect. The special bracket is for this purpose created. Only, when it is in mouth, it will not be possible to talk, it is only possible to smile. But it is ideal! It is supposed what later few months of this "exercise machine" can stop it to be used, and the smile will remain perfect. Also the producer assures that skin with the correct smile sags less and stretches, without allowing new wrinkles to appear. The exercise machine for front the myshtset the thing expensive (three hundred euros) is created to be engaged in face muscles. This device carries out small electric discharges to face muscles, as a result of it muscles get tone, they are updated from within, the face form is tightened. Manufacturer of this invention — Slendertone. Mask for correct forms this subject has to litsazainteresovat those who like to address plastic surgeons. It has become clear that after plastics of the best rehabilitation the special sheyper is necessary for the person. But here one trouble – that the sheyper fulfilled the purpose, it cannot be removed until until the person after any operation returns to the necessary form. And it is few weeks, and can even months! Well, beauty demands the severe victims. For growth of eyelashes – eye this invention of Lumigan kaplinazyvatsya. As a part of drops the special chemical stimulating activity of prostaglandins, and they just also cause growth of eyelashes. But there are cautions, drops only according to the recipe as side effects on eyes are possible are on sale. The special pillow from morshchinvashy attention the Cupron company offers special pillowcase worth fifty U.S. dollars. This acts in appearance simple thing better than any night cream. Natural copper which improves appearance of skin after dream and interferes with appearance of wrinkles is part of fabric.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team