Use of clay in cosmetology

Use of clay in cosmetology

Already many years are appreciated qualities of clay. Treat them: skin clarification, maintaining freshness, extension of beauty and youth not only face skin, but also all body. Besides, clay has the tightening properties. But, before putting mask from clay, it is necessary to pay attention to councils.

For a long time clay is used in cosmetology for any skin care. It perfectly purifies skin, without causing allergy and without injuring integument. Clay – natural sorbent which perfectly removes fat and dirt.

Clay masks do of clay of all flowers: black, white, blue and green. Clay is suitable for the fat, or combined skin, she excellently fights against greasy luster, black dots and acne and also levels small hems. Black clay should be used at frequent inflammatory rashes since it has antibacterial effect. For sensitive and mature skin and also at strong dryness of the person it is good to use, rich with useful mineral elements, red, yellow and pink clays. Most often for preparation of masks use the most universal types of clay which suit any skin (white and blue).

At preparation of clay masks it is necessary to follow rules:

1.   It is impossible to use metal objects when mixing ingredients. Interaction of clay with metals does it harmful to skin. It is better to use ceramic or glasswares.

2.   Because of weight of clay, the mask should be done in horizontal position of body, otherwise, hardening, clay will stretch skin.

3.   Clay dries skin therefore time of influence needs to be observed depending on what type of skin: for dry - 7, normal – 10, and for fat - no more than 15 minutes.

4.   The clay mask cannot be torn off from the face, it can injure skin. For removal of mask it needs to be wetted water, it is better than room temperature, and accurately to wash away.

The classical recipe of mask from clay often used among fans of house masks. For this purpose two tablespoons of powder of clay will be necessary, to add a little water to it and to mix to consistence of dense sour cream, without lumps. It is necessary to put mask with thick layer, avoiding zone around eyes. Further to sustain time corresponding to skin type. On end of time to wash away mask, if necessary to apply the moisturizing cream.

Of course, there are many options of clay masks, their main property – skin clarification. Addition of additional ingredients reduces efficiency of clarification of skin, but adds additional qualities to masks, such as food, clarification, tightening and rejuvenation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team