Use of sesame oil in cosmetology

Use of sesame oil in cosmetology

Sesame oil is very popular in cosmetology as thanks to the unique properties it makes medical impact on skin, nails and hair.

Sesame has been cultivated in the most ancient times, and still in Central Asia, Pakistan, India and the countries of the Mediterranean it is used for production of the sesame oil well-known for the cosmetic and medicinal properties. Receive oil from the white and black seeds of sesame fried or crude. In cosmetology grade oil virgin, received from neobzhareny seeds by means of method of cold extraction is applied.

In modern cosmetology sesame oil is appreciated its ability to accelerate natural synthesis of collagen, to maintain water and lipidic balance of skin normal, to restore protective function of epidermis It moisturizes and feeds the skin and also removes peeling and irritation, levels and restores integument. Sesame flabby and dry skin oil is especially useful. Sesame oil also has properties of antioxidant therefore it can be used as security measure from harmful effects of UF of beams.

Use sesame oil and for nail care. Doing cosmetic baths with sesame oil, it is possible to prevent stratification and fragility of nails and also to prevent possible emergence of nail fungus. Oil of sesame and as means for hair care is popular. It is saturated with the vitamins of group B and vitamin E necessary for health of hair. Besides oil of sesame is excellent component in the restoring and feeding masks for the painted or injured hair. Sesame oil and for massage is often used. It perfectly relaxes muscles and reduces stress.

Recipes with use of sesame oilOil of sesame is one of the most popular means for appearance of skin. Masks from sesame oil very easily are preparing and do not cause side effects or allergy. Only 20 minutes of action, and you will notice how skin will become elastic and elastic, and wrinkles will become not such sharp and deep.

For example, to smooth wrinkles around eyes, it is necessary to moisten this area with sesame oil twice a day. It not only will save from blue circles under eyes and will remove puffiness, but also will smooth wrinkles and will strengthen skin. And having mixed the shaken-up fresh egg with sesame oil, you receive the excellent nutritious mask saving from avitaminosis. If at you dry skin it is necessary to add several yolks to oil if oily skin – one or two proteins. 

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