Use of the device Darsonvalya in cosmetology

Use of the device Darsonvalya in cosmetology

– so is called treatment method pulse high-voltage current and small force. The method is called by name the scientist Zh.A. D'Arsonval who has suggested it to use. Medical action of darsonvalization at dermatological diseases, antritis, rhinitis, arthrosis and arthritis, varicosity, neuritis is proved. But the devices Darsonvalya have found the most mass application in cosmetology area.

As the device Darsonvalya operates

Medical action when using the device Darsonvalya arises thanks to impact on skin of alternating pulse high-frequency current of small size.

At impact of current on organism the stimulating action of exchange processes takes place, blood circulation improves, angiospasms decrease and the tone of veins raises, lymphatic current amplifies and integuments are toned up.

Use of the device Darsonvalya for treatment of acne rash and rejuvenation of face skin

Application of darsonvalization in procedures of face care is very popular. The device is used for treatment of pimples and acne rash. Use of the device for performing facial massage at the withering skin is also possible. Prior to holding procedure it is necessary to clean face as influence of current has to happen only on pure leather. The technique of the procedure is applied contact or remote. The used electrode for the procedure of face care – fungoid. The electrode should be moved with the slow movement on massage lines of the person. Depending on technique of massage it is possible to touch skin, or to drive electrode at distance of several millimeters from the face. Time of influence from 5 to 15 minutes. Course of procedures from 10 to 20. Power needs to be chosen on the feelings, easy pricking is allowed. Pain should not be. Literally after three procedures wrinkles begin to be smoothed, the complexion becomes healthier, activity of sebaceous glands is normalized.

Use of the device Darsonvalya for strengthening and hair recovery

Darsonvalization has the stimulating effect on hair bulbs, improves blood supply of head skin, normalizes secretion of sebaceous glands. It is necessary to apply electrode in the form of hairbrush to treatment. Will see nozzle comb on dry and clean hair from forehead to nape. Procedure duration – 10 minutes. Duration of all course is from 10 to 25 procedures every other day.

Contraindications to use of the device Darsonvalya

The device Darsonvalya cannot be used at violations of blood clotting, malignant new growths, epileptic seizures, pregnancy, couperosis, hirsutism, tuberculosis of lungs, heart troubles.

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