Use of the proofreader for eyes

Use of the proofreader for eyes

By means of the proofreader it is possible to disguise certain defects, to give to the face the healthy and shining look. Its application is especially relevant for eye area. It often needs correction.

The proofreader is the cosmetic product created for masking of minor defects of skin, giving of certain shade to it. Without this means it is difficult to imagine high-quality performance of make-up of eyes. Skin under eyes rather thin. On this site there are practically no sebaceous glands. For this reason it often is dry, on it small wrinkles early appear. Blood vessels are located very close to its surface therefore very often skin under eyes differs in reddish or even bluish shade. It looks not really esthetically. Without correction of these shortcomings it is very difficult to create really effective make-up.

The bluish shade of skin under eyes can testify to number of serious diseases. Most often it is connected with misoperation of cardiovascular system.

Some women confuse concept of the proofreader and concealer. Actually these cosmetic products are similar, but at the same time they differ according to the destination. The concealer is kind of foundation. It needs to be applied under eyes and pointwise on some sites of the person. It levels tone of skin, masks certain shortcomings.

The proofreader is intended directly for masking of some defects of skin, correction of its shade. For example, the bluish or reddish shade under eyes can be brought closer visually to corporal by means of cosmetic product of yellowish tone. Before putting the proofreader or concealer, it is necessary to clean carefully face skin and century, to humidify her.

For gentle eyelid skin care it is better to use special eye cream. Similar cosmetic products feed it and partially eliminate hypostases.

Further it is necessary to decide on what problem needs to be solved. In the presence of blue circles under eyes it is necessary to use surely the proofreader of yellowish shade. It needs to be put under eyes strictly on massage lines. Yellow spots can be disguised by means of cosmetic product of pinkish tone. It is the best of all to distribute means on skin fingertips. At the same time it is not necessary to stretch it. The proofreader is more preferable to put with the patting movements, driving in means into skin. It is important not to be overzealous with its quantity. It should not be visible on face. If skin under eyes has dark shade that distinguishes it on tone from all other sites on face, it is necessary to use the proofreader or concealer of light shade. Application of such cosmetic products will allow to lighten skin under eyes, to give to look expressiveness, and to the person fresh, well rested look. The scheme of not execution of light tone means is similar to the scheme of drawing the color proofreader. It is possible to disguise imperfections not only under eyes, but also on other sites of the person. For example, by means of the color proofreader it is possible to make less noticeable dot inflammatory elements. When choosing the proofreader preference should be given in shop to liquid products. They are packed into special tubes with dosers. Liquid proofreaders and concealers it is much more convenient to apply to gentle skin under eyes. Means in the form of pencil or stik are suitable for masking of inflammatory elements on face more. It is desirable that at product there were smallest nacreous parts. They scatter light thanks to what shortcomings become less noticeable. After application of the proofreader or concealer it is possible to start safely putting eye shadow, mascara.

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