Use of vaseline in the cosmetic purposes

Use of vaseline in the cosmetic purposes

is produced for a long time. This product from the field of cosmetology - one of the most available care products for skin. Women very much appreciate its softening properties.

For dry skin

There is huge set of ways as it is possible to use vaseline. However first of all, it is product for skin care. If to grease with vaseline body skin, then it is softened. The same happens also to lips. Besides under the influence of emollient components the protective barrier from dehydration and bad weather is created.

Vaseline is very quickly absorbed, and further it protects skin from cracking and peeling. However it is worth remembering that vaseline is very fat product. Therefore it is not suitable for the skin inclined to formation of eels. It is also known that vaseline interferes with conclusion from skin of toxins, sweat and other sewage. Skin does not breathe therefore pimples develop. Besides face skin, it is possible to grease with vaseline the coarsened places standing, heels and so on. If at the same time to put on socks legs and in them to go to sleep, then in the morning the Piglet will become gentle and soft again. The dry and coarsened skin on elbows also should be softened with vaseline. It is the best of all to do it before going to bed too. In night all microcracks on skin will manage to begin to live.

Eyebrows and eyelashes

Eyelashes and eyebrows also require good care. And it is twice pleasant when leaving can be such available at the price. If you want cilia and eyebrows to have grown up, then before going to bed you apply on them vaseline with plentiful layer. At regular use of eyelash and eyebrow become more dense and more dark. The brush from old ink will be suitable for putting vaseline on eyelashes. It is necessary to wash out it only well. In addition, vaseline can be used as gel for modeling of the correct shape of eyebrows. For modeling of shape of eyebrows one drop of vaseline suffices: it should not be noticeable. Just comb eyebrow brush in the necessary direction. Some girls even use eyelashes for lengthening: before layer of ink put small layer of vaseline. However, this method does not work during very strong heat as vaseline will just begin to flow from eyelashes.

Removal of make-up

Usual vaseline - very available means for makeup removal. It can be used as milk or lotion. For removal of make-up just it is necessary to apply small amount of vaseline on cotton tampon and to wipe with it face. As some girls note, vaseline is capable to delete even the most resistant make-up.

Blush, lipstick and spirits

It is possible to make lipstick and blush of vaseline independently. It is enough to add to it food coloring of beautiful red or pink shade. It is possible to prepare chocolate lip gloss from vaseline. For this purpose it is necessary to kindle vaseline and chocolate in the microwave, and then to mix. When mix hardens, it can be applied on lips. By means of vaseline it is possible to prolong fragrance of spirits for the whole day. For this purpose it is necessary to apply vaseline on those parts of the body where you are going to scatter spirits. The aroma will become much more resistant. So, vaseline is very useful means in cosmetic arsenal. However it should be taken into account that reaction of skin to vaseline often depends on specific features of the person.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team