Useful combination for hair: kefir and eggs

Useful combination for hair: kefir and eggs

Kefiric masks are suitable for any type of hair – the main feature of this effective remedy consists in it. Kefir is capable to strengthen cores of hair, to accelerate growth, to feed hair with the necessary vitamins. And if to use kefir in tandem with eggs, then the mask will turn out even more effectively! And, above all – to make such masks very simply and the procedure for its drawing takes place easily.

For cold weather

Take one egg yolk and pound it until white, mix with two spoons of cocoa, pour half-glass of kefir. Apply mask on half an hour. If you the brunette, then wash away structure intoxicated broth, and blondes can advise to wash away it camomile broth.

Such mask – ideal means for cold season. By the way, cocoa if desired can replace with dark chocolate. In this case it is required to be melted at first on water bath. Will be suitable for all types of hair.

For all

Melt three spoons of honey on water bath, add three quail eggs, pour half-glass of kefir. Carefully mix, you hold structure on hair within two hours. The mask will be suitable for any hair, but it is especially good for dry – hair become more nice on the touch at once, gain healthy gloss!

Dry hair

Mix a little kefir from spoon burdock butter also one egg. You can replace oil and olive, castoric, jojoba or almond – here solve. You hold on hair two-three hours.

Means will be ideal for dry and brittle hair – they at once as if will recover after the first application! But it is better to repeat the procedure every week!


Even if carefully to wash away from mask hair which part eggs are there can be rather unpleasant smell. If you have faced such trouble, then just rinse head of hear water, with addition of fresh lemon juice.

Here so just independently to make useful masks for the curls – indulge them with necessary vitamins and minerals! Beautiful healthy locks will be result to you!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team