Useful properties of rose attar

Useful properties of rose attar

all centuries the rose was appreciated beauty and bewitching aroma. The rose attar received from petals of this fine flower is applied in perfumery, cosmetology and medicine. Such active use of rose attar is caused by big set of its useful properties.

Main useful properties of rose attar

Rose oil – one of the most useful essential oils which helps with treatment of set of diseases and promotes maintaining beauty of skin, nails and hair.

Rose attar is excellent antidepressant – inhalation of its aroma helps to relax, create positive emotional spirit, to calm nervous system. In aromatherapy oil of rose is applied at depression, nevroznost, concern, alarm, chronic fatigue, stress.

Thanks to spazmolitichesky action, rose attar helps at spasms, spasms of vessels and intestines, muscle pains, headache, migraine, nausea. As well as many essential oils, rose attar has antiviral and bactericidal properties. It can be used for protection during the periods of epidemics and also at food poisonings, diarrhea, furuncles, inflammations of skin, eye, ears and other infections. Oil of roses also promotes strengthening of immunity. The knitting and restoring properties of oil of rose promote strengthening of gums, skin pulling up, smoothing of wrinkles, stop of bleedings, healing of cracks and wounds on skin. Rose attar is useful at stomach diseases – it treats for inflammations, promotes functioning improvement, protects from formation of ulcers. Besides, oil of rose regulates acidity of gastric juice and promotes outflow of bile from gall bladder. Rose attar helps women at uterine tumors, bleedings, irregular periods. At all the useful qualities, pregnant women are forbidden to use rose attar.

Recipes of beauty with rose oil

From extensions and scars on skin mix 4 drops of oil of rose, lavenders, not roles and 20 ml of oil of sprouts of wheat. You apply means to the injured skin. Mix from 3 drops of rose attar, 5 drops of oil of camomile, 10 drops of lavender oil and 20 ml of jojoba oil helps to cure burns. This means removes inflammation, burning and promotes skin healing. For improvement of condition of nails add 4 drops of oil of rose to 30 g of nutritious hand and nail cream. Rub mix in skin of hands and nail plates. To get rid of wrinkles, the mask from 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 teaspoon of almond oil, 1 drop of oil of rose and contents of 1 capsule of vitamin E helps to rejuvenate and moisturize face skin. For improvement of psychoemotional state, removal periodic and headaches, add 2-3 drops of rose attar, 10 drops of oil of geranium and 10 drops of oil of sage to oil for massage or the bathtub filled with water.

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