Useful properties of shea butter

Useful properties of shea butter

butter (Karite) is produced from fruits of tree of Karite which grows only in one place – in the wild nature in the west of Africa. It is considered eco-friendly component and is very much highly appreciated in the cosmetic industry thanks to the unique properties.

Shea butter for kozhinaturalny unrefined oil of Shi well influences condition of face skin and body. In the 40th years of the last century of research of scientists have confirmed the fact that the people which are regularly using this means have practically no skin diseases.

Shea butter approaches absolutely all-type skin. It effectively protects from ultraviolet, removes inflammation, puffiness and irritation. This means also well protects skin from dryness and crusting that does it especially useful during the winter period. In addition karite butter stimulates cell regeneration, prevents emergence of not esthetic pigmentation, wrinkles and extensions.

This surprising means also effectively cures moderate eczema, promote fast healing of grazes, cuts, bruises and also reduction of scars and hems. Thanks to the fact that karite butter does not cork skin it can be used also as shaving cream. This product differs in the high content of vitamins A and E, necessary for normal moistening and nutrition of face skin and body. And vitamin E, in addition, improves microcirculation and slows down aging processes. Shea butter for volosmaslo Shi (Karite) also effectively restores natural balance of head of hear, feeding and humidifying it. It stimulates growth of hair and protects them from harmful ultra-violet radiation. To strengthen hair, it is possible to make plain mask on the basis of this African oil. For this purpose kindle shea butter tablespoon, mix with yolk and spoon of burdock oil. Apply on hair, hide them under polyethylene film and leave for 30-40 minutes. Later the put time wash up the head usual shampoo.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team