Useful rules which will help you to remain young at any age!

Useful rules which will help you to remain young at any age!

woman dreams of remaining young and attractive as long as possible. But sometimes what we would not do, all of us cannot equally stop this absolutely normal desire or at least slow down skin aging process. However scientists and cosmetologists have already found means by means of which cell aging process considerably slows down, thereby helping the woman to remain young and beautiful.

 What means and as it is correct to apply them are? You surely will find answers to the questions interesting you in this article. Rules by means of which it is possible to delay aging of organism:

  • Rule No. 1. Try to monitor digestion carefully. Your intestines have to work always as watch therefore you are obliged to watch that it as seldom as possible glitched. It is impossible to allow emergence of locks, they cause poisoning of all organism. For this reason it is necessary to eat more vegetables, especially beets and pumpkins. Such fruit as apple, quince, plums, apricots, peaches and nectarines promote clarification of organism from slags too therefore it is necessary to eat them regularly and in large numbers.

That skin always was smooth and elastic, you need to remember standard daily rate of the use of water. For the adult this norm has to be not less than a halfliter, it will help to remove toxins through skin time.

  • Rule No. 2. Pay due attention to dream and rest. The healthy and full-fledged sleep improves metabolism and promotes the fastest cell regeneration. It helps to improve color and elasticity of skin, to oxygenate it, and it is great way to improve its state.
  • Rule No. 3. Fresh air – your best friend! In principle, it for anybody is not secret. During walks the circulation of oxygen in cages and vessels improves that has positive impact on one and all bodies. Skin is updated, saturated with useful substances too and, respectively, rejuvenates, and it also is your main objective.
  • Rule No. 4. Do not forget about vitamins! In human life you should not speak about advantage of vitamins and their role once again as know everything about it, and even children. The only thing that needs to be noted, so is that in cold season they need to be looked for not in the store vegetables and fruit which are grown up in greenhouses, and in dried fruits. From them it is possible to prepare very tasty and useful things: compotes, kissels, teas. It is possible as well to use them in natural look – they are very tasty and saturated all vitamins and microelements which will help you to clean organism and to improve condition of skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team