Vaseline in cosmetology: methods of application

Vaseline in cosmetology: methods of application

merits are known long ago and are willingly applicable in the cosmetic purposes and in medicine. Neither smell, nor color, but he perfectly copes with resumption of water balance of skin.

Having viscous oily texture, vaseline is easily distributed on the site of skin. Mono to apply this mazeobrazny cosmetic to softening of the coarsened skin, as a rule, which is found on elbow bends in knees and on heels. Having smeared with thin layer requiring attention, and having left the site for the night, by the morning it is possible to receive quite good results.

That the improvements procedure vaseline has taken place most successfully and effectively before smearing shelled, the cracked or dehydrated skin, it is necessary to steam out previously it in hot or warm water. Skin pores will be slightly opened and then, food vaseline will pass more intensively. If skin has coarsened, there are outgrowths and natoptysh, then strut in water and processing by small pumice or brush for removal of dead skin are simply obligatory.

But you should not abuse treatment by vaseline cosmetic as there can be hypostasis. But safely vaseline it is possible to ask for the help in cold weather to prevent crusting of lips. The cracked lips at regular greasing also quickly heal.

As the reason of appearance of wrinkles – obezvozhennost of skin are vaseline masks - it is also prevention of presenilation of skin and also opportunity to get rid of small mimic wrinkles.

With participation of vaseline it is possible to think up various skrabiruyushchy means, vaseline will be basis, and other component – abrasive. In this case, as quite good abrasive sea salt will serve in srub. The received mix should be rubbed with care in skin massage easy movements.

Vaseline is the not only softening means but also calming. Therefore if near at hand there was no cream or aftershave lotion, the angry site of skin it is possible to calm thin layer of vaseline.

Vaseline weight can be applied on the damaged skin zone at atopic dermatitis as calming and resolvent. It is possible to accelerate healing process terms after treatment after the filled tattoo.

The range of use of vaseline in the cosmetic purposes is wide. It is used also in recovery of hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. The dimness, dryness and lifelessness as a result of bad food or adverse factors of unhealthy ecology so e can be returned, applying cosmetic vaseline. That to return to hair healthy look, to fix problem the splitting ends are enough to use borated petrolatum. It in moderate quantities is rubbed in head skin, and in 30-40 minutes it is already possible to wash away it. Food will be uniform, generally with concentration on revival of root. It is also possible to work over dry and fragile tips of hair. Greasing after each washing tips with vaseline, it is possible to notice the first results of strengthening. As it is necessary before the typical procedure of improvement of tips, it is necessary to visit the hairdresser and to shear them. To restore beauty of eyelashes or eyebrows, mono to apply vaseline with special brush, thin layer for the night.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team