Velvet nails – originally and simply

Velvet nails – originally and simply

Those who loves original manicure for certain will like unusual velvet nails. Such design in salons is done by means of the special device. But if desired it is possible to decorate nails and independently, having replaced the professional spray with usual brush.

Velvet nails have become fashionable recently. The original covering is created by means of the thinnest color fibers which fasten on usual color varnish. Sometimes the substrate and velvet covering differ on shade, but beginning to do better simpler monophonic manicure. Colors can be various, rich deep shades especially effectively look: chocolate, cherry, emerald, blue or dark gray.

The simplest option - the plates which are completely covered with fibers. But it is possible to make also more difficult design combining velvet with glossy enamel. For example, try to cover with velors fibers all nail, except for free edge. Leave it brilliant. Also other option - velvet tips on glossy nails is possible. More skilled skilled workers do even velvet appliques by means of self-made cliches. Thus on nails it is possible to represent monograms, hieroglyphs, geometrical figures and other motives.

Velors nails should not be too long. Especially stylish the plates of moderate length having the rectangular or slightly rounded form look. You watch that all nails looked equally.

For work you need dense enamel for substrate and velors fibers of the same tone. Small packings sell in specialized shops for manicurists. Get flat synthetic brush, it is convenient to them to distribute fibers on nails. The top or drying for such manicure are not required. Give the form to nails and carefully grind their surface special file. On ridge plates of fiber will badly keep. Apply the leveling base on nails and let's it dry. Then cover plates with two layers of color enamel. You apply it very accurately, erase drips at cuticle the brush moistened in liquid for varnish removal. It is possible to apply fibers on nails in different ways. Follow only one rule - impose velvet layer on the fresh, not dried varnish. Fill pile on the sheet of paper and lay to them nail. Do not press strongly, otherwise the covering will turn out uneven. It is possible to work and differently, gathering portions of fibers on flat brush and accurately patting it on nail. Thus it is possible to regulate intensity and density of covering. Carefully brush away excess fibers clean dry-brush. Let's nails dry in the natural way, drying or the hair dryer cannot be applied. Velvet manicure needs to be protected from water, wet nails lose decorative effect, and fibers can lag behind surface. Correctly put covering keeps 2-3 days, and then demands updating.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team