Vinoterapiya in cosmetology

Vinoterapiya in cosmetology

is widely applied not only in cookery and traditional medicine, but also in cosmetology. Recently the vinoterapiya is in great demand at women. Nutritious mask from wine, the weakening bathroom or massage will help you to enjoy the rejuvenating and therapeutic effect of grapes.

We choose wine as skin

Choose wine for holding cosmetic procedure according to skin type. Semisweet and sweet wine perfectly moisturizes and tones up the dry skin. For fat type of skin it is better to stop the choice on dry or moist wine, it contributes to normalization of water balance. Both red, and white wine have good cleaning properties, help to delete the died-off cages without use of peeling, bring slags out of skin pores.

Advantage of vinoterapiya

Vinoterapiya in cosmetology improves tone of body and blood circulation, helps to struggle with cellulitis and even excess weight. Wine in external application at the expense of the content of polyphenols, calcium, chloride salts and magnesium has the rejuvenating effect on skin.

The house vinoterapiya is not worse than the saloon procedure at all, it will encourage and will rejuvenate skin, will raise its tone, will make soft, smooth and shining. Wine will help to make breast of more elastic, to tighten stomach skin. Such are available to Spa procedure to independent carrying out. For this purpose it is necessary to fill bathtub with water, to pour out in it bottle of red wine. And to make the rejuvenating mask, moisten gauze napkin in wine and apply to the cleaned face skin for twenty minutes. Wine wrapping which is offered by beauty shops and cosmetology clinics helps to get rid of slags. From the surface of skin the fat layer is removed, the tone and elasticity of epidermis raises, there is rejuvenescence of organism. The indication to wine wrapping is: stress or overfatigue, puffiness, cellulitis, availability of extensions on skin.

It is impossible to do wine wrapping in the presence of sharp or chronic inflammatory diseases and also in the second half of pregnancy. Duration of carrying out wrapping is 40-50 minutes.

Beauty shops apply special cosmetics which part grape oils, mineral water, the real wine and extract of wine yeast are. Such cosmetics improves blood circulation, gives the rejuvenating effect, helps at correction of figure. Red wine contains the antioxidants keeping skin beautiful, smooth.

The vinoterapiya also is not less useful to health of hair. In this case experts use nutritious and moisturizing masks for hair on the basis of natural wine.


It is not recommended to carry out vinoterapiya in the following cases: - metabolic disorder; - availability of acute infectious diseases; - tendency to bleedings; - allergic reaction to grapes; - damage and disease of skin; - menstrual days; - malignant new growths.

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