Vitamin-rich house face make-up and bodies

Vitamin-rich house face make-up and bodies

Experts confirm that the majority of cosmetics which are bought in shops is the no more than usual moisturizing lotion in combination with good marketing of products. Besides, purchased products contain chemicals and hormones which can do much harm to health. It is good that there is alternative - it is the house cosmetics made with own hands.

This house means for removal of make-up perfectly is suitable for oily skin, and ingredients do it ideal. It is required 1 cleaned with kiwi, 2 tablespoons of simple yogurt, 1 tablespoon of honey and drop of orange juice. It is necessary to mix all ingredients, dense cream is not formed yet. To put on wet face, to rub and rinse with warm water. Kiwi it is rich with vitamin C and naturally reduces production of skin fat.

This fruit srub for hands and legs effectively removes dry and dead leather, besides, it has beautiful aroma and does body absolutely smooth. Its preparation requires 10 berries of strawberry or raspberry, tablespoon of olive oil and handful of coarse sea salt or cane sugar. To mix strawberry in the blender, then to add other ingredients. Ready mix to pound hands and legs. Bilberry — excellent and that is more important, natural source of antioxidants which are useful to skin and also contain the high level of vitamin C.

Experts recommend to do front sauna at least once a month. It will help to open time and to get rid of the accumulated residues of creams and cosmetics. It is necessary to take bowl, to fill in it with boiled water and to take over it the person about 30 minutes. It is possible to add drop of tea tree oil which is natural disinfectant with anti-inflammatory properties, and several leaves of mint for deep cleansing and the calming effect.

Crude potatoes are rich with enzymes which reduce dark circles under eyes. To cut potatoes pieces, then to mix with small amount of sea salt and tablespoon of simple yogurt. To fill in mix in gauze and to cover eyes. 

The whipped whites applied to the washed-up and dried up skin, very quickly clean it. They can improve the person in only several minutes. Using organic eggs, it is necessary to separate several proteins, then to shake up them in foam and to distribute on the person. To leave for 20 minutes. To wash away warm water.

Bananas are fruit which have huge nutritional value. They are full of ingredients which promote healthy and young appearance and also perfectly moisturize the skin. It is necessary to crush banana and to mix it with small amount of honey, then to put on face, and skin will receive good dose of A, B, C and E vitamins.

Oranges are excellent source of vitamin C. To make one more house cosmetics, follows smeshayt teaspoon of fresh orange juice with very cold water. To apply this liquid to the washed-up face, using cotton pads. Mix helps to close time, to clarify face and to provide high dose of vitamin C.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team