Walnut oil: useful properties, application

Walnut oil: useful properties, application

of walnut is the refined product made from kernels by method of cold extraction. It has amber color and soft nut taste without tartness. Besides excellent tastes, oil has also set of useful properties.

Nut oil contains large amount of the vitamin E which is promoting improvement of process of regeneration of fabrics, and also interfering presenilation of the organism making positive impact on course of pregnancy and reproductive function of the person. Besides, various microelements and mineral substances (iodine, iron, zinc, calcium, copper, etc.), vitamins A, With, are part of oil Century.

This product renders the rejuvenating effect on human body, increases vitality, strengthens psychoemotional state, reduces the content of bad cholesterol in blood, removes radionuclides, strengthens immunity. In addition, nut oil finds application in cosmetology. As it has rich structure, is suitable practically for any type of hair and skin. Often it is added to many balms, creams, means of hygiene.

It is possible to apply nut oil and in pure form. It is easily absorbed in epidermis, does skin soft and velvety. Its application is especially useful for representatives of dry and sensitive skin. Oil calms, humidifies and cools its upper layers.

As oil has the regenerating properties, it excellently fights against mimic wrinkles on the face and other age changes of skin. Its regular use promotes its pulling up, does elastic and elastic. The product is successfully applied to strengthening and treatment of hair.

On the basis of oil it is possible to prepare independently the masks interfering their loss, enhancing gloss and adding healthy gloss.

Nut oil and as suntan preparation is applied. It can be applied directly to skin that it has gained equal and beautiful suntan, and it is possible to accept inside to protect organism from harmful effects of the sun from within. Nut oil is very effective for those who want to lose weight. This is good zhiroszhigatel, the being dietary product full of the useful substances necessary at observance of diets. Thanks to tastes and nutritious properties, oil of walnut finds application and in cookery. Often it is used for preparation of various sauces and gas stations. It is important that process of their preparation was cold as when heating oil can taste bitter a little. Nut oil gives to vegetable salads rich and saturated taste. Besides, it not bad approaches as gas station meat.

Oil of walnut can be mixed with other grades of oil that will allow to dilute slightly its bright and saturated taste.

This oil is capable to give to the baked fish pleasant aroma and certain highlight. In combination with spices they can fill pasta. The tasty and simple dish in preparation turns out. Nut oil has no special contraindications. It does not cause allergy or other side effects. However it is worth meaning that at exacerbation of erosive gastritis or ulcer it is inside better to refuse the use of this product.

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