Water manicure in house conditions

Water manicure in house conditions

Water manicure is very unusual technology of coating application on nails. With its help it is possible to create the most unimaginable abstract drawings: stains, strips, waves, the stylized flowers.

Water manicure stage-by-stage master class

To make water manicure, prepare:

  • several varnishes of different shades (they can be in one color scale or contrast tones);
  • special oil for cuticle or fat hand cream;
  • bowl or any other capacity under water with wide neck;
  • scissors;
  • Q-tips;
  • wooden sticks for manicure;
  • liquid for varnish removal;
  • basic and top covering for nails.
  • Prepare nails for manicure. Polish plates with nail buffer, remove all fine particles and degrease surface.
  • Apply basic covering on nail plates.
  • That water manicure looked accurately and varnish has not got on skin, around nails smear fat cream or apply oil for cuticle. It is also possible to protect skin by means of special means (defender).
  • In bowl pour water. The main condition - liquid should not be is hotter, cold. It is the best of all if water is room temperature
  • Drip 4-5 drops of varnish of the main shade, it has to spread on water surface. Masters of neyl-design recommend to use for water manicure varnishes with liquid consistence as dense do not spread. Add several drops of the second shade to the middle of puddle, then the third and so on. The number of flowers depends only on your desire.
  • Wooden stick for manicure (or toothpick) make pattern on water surface, draw several lines diversely, and at you the effective abstract picture will turn out.
  • Lower finger in water under plenochka from varnish. Take it in water about 1 minute, and then accurately take out.
  • Let's the drawing dry completely on nail plate, and then remove superfluous from thin skin around nail. The drawing which has taken up for edges can be corrected by means of the Q-tip moistened in liquid for varnish removal.
  • Put finishing covering that manicure has gained gloss and became stronger.

Instruction for creation of the drawing

To gain effect of the marble drawing, as basis use varnish of light shade, then in chaotic order drip several drops varnishes of more dark tone in the same color scale. Toothpick or other thin stick draw circular lines, creating stains, as on marble.

If you want to draw flower, then drip varnish so that it has got exactly to the center of puddle of primary color. then take thin stick and carry out beams from edge of speck to the center. So at you peculiar petals will turn out. When you dip finger, try that core of the drawing has got precisely to the center of nail plate, so at you the nice flower on nail will turn out.

Beautiful strips turn out if to do parallel movements on varnish spot on water. At the same time it is the best of all to do them by sticks of different thickness, thus the drawing will turn out more effective and each nail will have unique covering.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team