Water therapy for appearance hair

Water therapy for appearance hair

Mineral water is got from natural underground sources. The dissolved salts, biologically active agents, microelements are its part. Now mineral water is used in cosmetology, is part of means for skin of hair.

Mineral water humidifies and strengthens tones up, strengthens and moisturizes also head skin. The lack of microelements results in fragility, dimness of hair. By means of mineral water it is possible to fill reserves of useful substances, and still to activate exchange processes, to stimulate blood circulation in head skin. It is better to use low-mineralized waters for normal and dry hair. And for inclined to fat content water with the high content of salts will approach. Thanks to mineral water the activity of sebaceous glands is normalized, peeling of head skin will disappear. When using mineral water the hair will longer keep freshness and clean look.

Mask and mineral conditioner

For hair care it is the best of all to use mineral water so: rinse with it after washing clean hair or add to structure of masks. For rinsing mineral water without gas is necessary. For this purpose pour mineral water in pan and warm up a little. Such procedure can be repeated regularly.

Note recipes of house masks for hair with mineral water. Herb infusion will be suitable for normal hair. To pound thyme grass in powder, take about 200 grams. Then to fill in with half of liter of the boiling mineral water, to mix, cool and to filter the received broth. Rub in clean hair. You hold mask quarter of hour, do not forget to wrap up the head with towel. After time to wash away mask cool water. For fine hair prepare grain mask. Knead small amount of black bread before receiving gruel, having added mineral water. Apply mask on clean hair. Wash away mask warm water in ten minutes the gelatinous mask will be suitable For hair recovery. Mix three tablespoons of still mineral water with gelatin teaspoon. On water bath heat mix, gelatin has to be dissolved up to the end. To add lemon juice teaspoon, on 3 drops of lavender oil and vitamin A. To apply mask on clean hair for 20 minutes. After that wash up hair with shampoo. The nut mask will make hair thick. Crush handful of pine nuts, add mineral water, stir before receiving gruel. Place the prepared mix in oven for half an hour. Let's cool down, apply on the washed-up hair. In half an hour it is necessary to wash away mask.

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