Wavy nails on hands: norm or pathology?

Wavy nails on hands: norm or pathology?

The onikhologiya at the heart of which there is assessment of external condition of nail plate is engaged in diseases of nails of the person. Small or essential aberrations are symptom of any given disease.

The pinkish shade and light gloss has appearance of healthy nail. As a rule, the structure of nail is transparent therefore through it the nail bed is visible. The most widespread damages of nails is the fungus. Fungal defeat is pathology of nails at which coloring of plate can be white, yellow, greenish or brown (depending on kind of fungus).

Also wavy nails on hands can appear also at not fungal defeat. Of course, defeat of nail platinum different types of microbes can happen in public places (saunas, pools). The experienced doctor in the field of dermatology will help to get rid of the unpleasant phenomenon. It is reasonable to increase immunity that the organism became more resistant to various viruses and to bacteria.

At some diseases the following symptom - wavy nails on hands appears. Various mechanical injuries are the most common cause. Most often the nail of thumbs as they are most active in the course of human activity is surprised. "Waves" can have various parameters (quantity on nail, depth of depressions in the ground, length). Most brightly they are visible if to look at nail in profile. It should be noted that wavy nails on hands are most noticeable if decorative varnish of bright shade is applied on them. In certain cases wavy nails on hands appear because of the wrong skin care around nails. For example, deep trimming of cuticles leads to what there begins deformation of nail plate. In this case it is necessary to address the expert who will execute qualitative manicure or pedicure then the nail will grow already correct form. Internal state of organism is reflected through various external systems of the person. For example, many diseases of digestive tract and intestines negatively are reflected in condition of skin, hair, teeth and nails. Also negatively tells insufficient amount of mineral substances, vitamins, oxygen, dream, etc. If pathology has the cosmetic reason, then it is reasonable to carry out weekly procedures for strengthening and food of nail plate and skin around it. For example, optimal variant is performance of various baths for hands which soften plate and give it the correct form and structure. At the time of treatment it is recommended to eliminate or reduce the number of contacts in household chemicals (laundry detergents, detergents) which can prolong restoration process. To keep healthy hair and nails, it is necessary it is balanced to eat, lead active lifestyle, to watch over health of organism, to look after all parts of body (skin, nails, hair). All tools used for hand and nails care have to be processed and be cleaned regularly as at penetration into small cracks and wounds of microbe there can be inflammatory process and develop serious disease. For the same reason (various diseases of nails which are transmitted through various objects) it is not recommended to visit public hairdressing salons. In this case it is necessary to address to medical institution where will appoint effective treatment. Thus, constantly you watch condition of the nails as many diseases have an effect at early stages, it is worth noticing changes of shade or structure of nail. It will allow to avoid serious transformations and complications.

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