Ways of disposal of folds on spin

Ways of disposal of folds on spin

Fat folds on spin, as a rule, are connected with problem of excess weight. Therefore it is necessary to fight against this lack of appearance in a complex, reducing the caloric content of food and carrying out special exercises.

Folds on spin are congestion of subcutaneous fat and the muscles which have lost tone. It is possible to get rid of this problem by means of diet and physical exercises. It is impossible to use something one. If you manage to lose weight on low-calorie food, folds of flabby skin on back can become even more expressed. Physical exercises tighten muscles and increase elasticity of skin, but do not save from fat rollers on body.

Weight reduction without negative consequences for health happens not so much because of reduction of portions of the consumed food how many due to change of diet. It is necessary to reduce amount of plain carbohydrates. Ideally it is necessary to refuse sweet and farinaceous food or as much as possible to reduce consumption of these products. Carbohydrates provoke emission in blood of insulin which not only splits these molecules, but also promotes their processing in subcutaneous fat.

The daily norm of calories can be calculated easily by means of special programs or online services. Similar resources, as a rule, consider all specific features: sex, age, weight, way of life.

Try to eat variously. Use more vegetables and fruit. Do not forget about proteinaceous food. Low-fat meat, fish, eggs, cottage cheese and other dairy products for a long time saturate organism, contain set of useful substances and positively influence digestion process. Also it is not necessary to neglect complex carbohydrates which contain in grain, grain small loafs, cabbage, bean, vegetable marrows, tomatoes and pasta from whole seeds of wheat. It is possible to tighten back muscles in various ways. In fight against hypodermic deposits of fat the massage which not only reduces the volume of folds can be effective, but also tightens skin. Fitness complexes offer occupations Pilates and kallanetiky. These gymnastic exercises are aimed at the versatile development of muscles of body and increase in their tone. Unfortunately, similar occupations can be excessive loading for backbone at scoliosis and other diseases.

Muscles of back can be tightened, doing swimming, riding, tennis, volleyball and basketball.

On spin it is possible to improve in house conditions of fold by means of complex of simple exercises. It is necessary to be engaged every other day. Get up on all fours. Extend at the same time left leg and the right hand. Be late in this pose for several seconds and return to starting position. Repeat the movement by other hand and leg. Do this exercise of 20 times. Lay down on stomach. Extend hands along body. On breath try to raise at the same time legs, hands and shoulders. Be late in this situation for several seconds. Fall by floor and relax all muscles. Repeat exercise of 10 times. Sit down in Turkish. Put palms over the head, having rested each other. Strongly squeeze palms and hold them within 1-2 minutes. Repeat 10-20 times. Take gymnastic stick. Get up directly. Legs at shoulder length. Get stick for back and you hold at the level of shoulders. Carry out vigorous turns in the parties within 2-3 minutes. Get up directly. Place legs on width of shoulders. Carry out usual inclinations forward. Repeat 15-20 times.

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