Ways of fight against excess weight

Ways of fight against excess weight

Many women dream to lose weight and for this purpose they go on diet. That the result remained for a long time and the woman has not gained excess weight any more, it is necessary to follow special rules.

All women who tried to lose weight, know that it is necessary not only to go on diet, but also to observe it after weight loss not to gain weight back. Weight loss conditions:

  • If there is excess weight, it means what does not need to be overeaten. If this is so, then you have to set the object and get rid of such habit as overeating. It is not necessary to hang up the problem on the doctor because if you constantly overeat, then no treatment will be effective.
  • If you girlfriends or the husband force to lose weight, then and it will not help. It is necessary that the person really himself has wanted to change the figure.
  • It is not necessary to speak to himself: "I want to lose weight, I do not want to be full". The completeness implies: feeling sick, hypertension, lowering of working capacity, etc. Also the completeness is complexes, the bad relations with darling, loss of appeal, problem in private life, etc. It is necessary just to define for what and whom to grow thin. If you know the exact purpose, then nothing will bring down you from way, even any holiday.
  • Also for certain result of weight loss it is necessary to calculate difference between ideal and actual weight. For this purpose there are special formulas and tables. Besides, allocate four degrees of obesity: 11 – 24% of excess weight; 25 – 49%; 50 – 99%; 100% and more. Weight loss terms at all different, depending on degree of obesity, weight, growth and age of the person.
  • It is necessary to keep to diet all life, but it has to be easy and acceptable for stomach. It is necessary to refuse fat products, flour products, potatoes and sweet. It is also necessary to do fasting days. Treat the most effective diets: kefiric, cottage cheese, cucumber, cabbage, apple, etc.

Auto-suggestion helps to strengthen the will to win over excess weight. It is necessary to develop good attitude to diet and negative to overeating. In the morning and in the evening and also when there is desire to break diet, it is necessary to hold auto-suggestion session. To speak to itself: "Sweet and farinaceous food are family discord, the second chin, ugly stomach". And here when to adjust itself on the fact that it is possible to become harmonious soon and men will pay attention then it will be easier to lose weight.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team