Ways of volume laying of long and short hair

Ways of volume laying of long and short hair

Volume laying effectively and beautifully looks both on long, and on short hair. But techniques of creation of magnificent hairstyles can have set of distinctions and will depend first of all on length and structure of hair.

Short straight hair it is the best of all than the others are styled in magnificent hairstyle – at the expense of the length they well hold form and easily give in to modeling by means of cosmetics. Laying on short hair can have both the radical volume, and volume on all length of the created hairstyle.

The most widespread way of creation of volume laying on short hair - with use of the hair dryer. For this purpose apply small amount of the modeling means on the clean, slightly humidified locks: mousse, skin or gel also distribute it on all length of hair. After that hair dry warm current of air from the hair dryer, directing it against their growth. Locks can be raised at roots by means of the special bilateral blown brush.

After hair cool down, additional volume they are given by means of round brush or pile. Small locks of hair are taken brush which is rotated round its pivot-center and heat phenom. Before taking out brush from the turned-out curl, hair need to allow to cool down or drench them with cold current of air by means of the hair dryer. The pile is carried out hairbrush with frequent teeths, raising separate locks and combing them on inside.

Styling hair round brush, it is necessary to remember that the size of the received curl depends on its diameter: the brush is more volume, the curl will be larger.

The pile is slightly smoothed on outer side so that upper locks lay ideally exactly and smoothly, covering with themselves the combed hair. After that the hairstyle is fixed varnish or the special fixing spray adding to hair additional gloss. The easiest way of volume laying for hair of average length which is often applied in the conditions of catastrophic lack of time allows to manage some cosmetics and hairbrush. For creation of such laying it is necessary to comb carefully hair massage brush against their growth. Hair comb in all directions, inclining the head in the necessary party and slightly shaking up curls fingers. Combing against growth of hair gives to hairstyle necessary splendor and volume. Apply varnish of strong fixing to its fixing: hair sprinkle from distance 25-30 cm from the inside, slightly inclining the head on one side and allowing hair to deviate neck a little. From outer side the hairstyle is smoothed with fingers, stacking separate locks in the necessary order. Excessively not to make heavier hairstyle and not to deprive of it the received volume, from outer side the hair means for laying do not process.

It is important to remember that the similar type of volume laying turns out only on clean hair. On dirty hair such hairstyle will look carelessly and untidy.

Laying of long hair technically more difficult also demands use of special cosmetics for giving of volume. As a rule, long hair badly hold radical volume due to own weight therefore need use of cosmetics which does structure of hair of more dense and better giving in to modeling. On all length of hair evenly distribute laying mousse or cream for giving of volume then begin laying of single small locks. Each lock is wound on large round brush, dry up phenom and fixed by the invisible being or hairdresser's clip. Work is begun with parietal zone, gradually passing to sides and bang. After hair cool down, take out clips, carefully untwist each curl, give it the necessary form and situation in hairstyle and fix varnish.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team