We are cut independently by means of the convenient machine for hairstyle of hair

We are cut independently by means of the convenient machine for hairstyle of hair

Machines for hairstyle of hair are available to use not only in hairdressing salons for a long time, but also in house conditions. By means of such machine you will be able to tonsure yourself or the relatives independently.

Choose the suitable and convenient machine for hairstyle. They are two types: rotor and vibration. Machines of rotor type are considered as more powerful. They consume 20-50 W of energy and can be used for hairstyle of hair practically of any density and rigidity. Choosing model of rotor type, you remember that cheap devices can heat up quite strongly the first two weeks of use. It arises because new details long enough are accustomed to work. Further they heat up less and work more effectively.

Power of machines of vibration type is 8-13 W. They are more compact, than models with the rotor electric motor. At the same time time of continuous operation of such devices – to no more than 20-25 minutes. After that they need small break. At the same time such machines can strongly vibrate in this connection demand certain skill when using.

Prepare hair for hairstyle. Wash up them, dry up and well comb. Divide the head visually into four zones: parietal, temporal, occipital and lower occipital. Put on edge nozzle the machine and execute preliminary hairstyle. Begin to move with occipital part, gradually passing to temples and finishing on parietal area.

Some machines can be used also with wet hair, but it is better to carry out hairstyle on dry, otherwise knives will become blunted and will become covered by raid from the stuck moist hairs.

Slowly and smoothly move the machine against growth of hair. You see off in the same places several times that the hairstyle turned out accurater. Carefully comb hair after each pass of the machine for removal of the cut-off hairs. Having processed all head, establish shorter nozzle, for example, replace comb on 12 mm with its analog in 9 mm. Pass temporal and occipital areas. Moving in zone around ears, the left hand remove auricle. Hair can grow in this area both forward, and back therefore here it is better to walk the machine several times in the direct and opposite direction.

For reduction of border between hair of various length press the machine more densely to the head in occipital zone. At approach take away hand to parietal zone, having increased corner head skin and nozzle. So transition will be smooth.

Establish shorter nozzle, for example, of 6 mm. Process again lower occipital and lower temporal zones. Comb hair diversely. For creation of bang allocate it is necessary forehead triangular zone. The closer to darkness the upper point, the more dense will turn out bang. Carry out parting in the middle to temples. Start hairstyle by means of scissors. Raise locks of hair and, determining suitable length, cut them scissors. Being guided on already ready locks, straighten all remained mass of hair. Collecting locks by fingers or hairbrush, cut off unevenly sticking out hairs. Execute fringing of temples and neck by means of the razor without nozzles.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team