We bleach teeth make-shifts

We bleach teeth make-shifts

All dream of faultless smile, as at the Hollywood celebrities. Actually, the teeth cannot be so white, enamel has yellowish shade. Of course, the modern stomatology does not stand still, and has found many ways of bleaching of teeth, but all of them are rather dear and demand periodic repetition. If you are not ready to spoil teeth chemicals and to spend "for wind" fabulous money, it is possible to achieve similar result and in house conditions.

First, it is necessary to remove dental plaque and to remove yellowness of teeth.

Salt and soda. Mix on tea spoon of salt and baking soda in glass of warm water. This solution it is necessary to rinse mouth for 10 days that the dental plaque has descended completely. Such method perfectly will be suitable also for the smoking people as perfectly removes pitch.

Tooth-powder. Excellent ancient means. It is enough to brush once in two days teeth by means of tooth-powder to remove all dental plaque and stone which has accumulated at gums.

Green tea. Green tea works as sorbent which just pushes out dirt from within enamel, cleaning even the smallest cracks in it. To remember the main thing that tea has to be clean, Ceylon, without any additives in the form of fruit and fragrances. Have green tea, or rinse it mouth.

White coal. White coal has the same effect, as green tea, is only ten times more powerful. Pound one tablet of white coal in powder and mix with toothpaste droplet. By means of toothbrush, you brush teeth within four minutes. Such procedure is recommended to be carried out not more often than every three days, differently it is possible to damage enamel.

Now it is possible to undertake enamel clarification. The camomile perfectly will be suitable for this business. The camomile has the bleaching properties. Two tablespoons of dry color of camomile fill in floor with liters of boiled water and let's infuse. When broth cools down, filter it and add salt teaspoon. Rinse such solution mouth after each toothbrushing.

Tea tree. Tea tree oil also has ability to clarify. It is often used as mask for hair to remove yellowness after coloring. Moisten toothbrush in tea tree oil, and after cleaning rub teeth oil. Only oil has to be vegetable, but not radio, the essential oil which is strongly concentrated and can result in bleeding of gums.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team