We braid hair: 5 simple hairstyles

We braid hair: 5 simple hairstyles

It is not always convenient to wear the hair long dismissed. Such hairstyle simply is not suitable for number of cases, besides untidy hair drop out stronger, sputyvatsya quickly and soiled. But it is possible to braid beautifully them, the benefit exists set of ways to make it.

Braid - simple option on everyone the densamy ordinary spit – already great option of hairstyle. If accurately to braid, then it always looks strictly and elegantly. Advantage of braid in what to spin it very simply and quickly, besides all are able to do it. When you have no time and opportunity to invent something and to experiment, safely choose simple braid. Classics is relevant at all times.

Braid variations

The braid can be basis for other hairstyles. Move away her around the head or put on nape the eight, you can make shell – everything depends on length of hair and your imagination. When you begin to style hair, better at once think that you want to build, braid zapletaniye height on the head depends on it. To set result, you surely will need hairpins and hairpins.

Braid to braid PuchokEsli on the nape, it is possible to lay it in bunch. It is the for this purpose best of all to collect at first hair in tail, and already then to do braid. Bunch – in general interesting hairstyle. It is possible to twist it from several braids, and depends on it as it will look as a result. Having some experience, it is possible to build quickly enough it on the head. The bunch can help out you and in case there is not enough time to wash the head as even if hair a little dirty, with such hairstyle it will not be strongly noticeable. French kosasushchestvut set of different types of braids, French – one of classical versions. It is very similar to usual. Difference only that weaving begins with the top of the head and the first curls undertake from there. In the course of weaving all new locks get into the spit. Thus twisted are hair from all head. To braid such braid correctly, take wide locks. To train it is better to do such hair houses that there was opportunity to bind or correct it because usually the first few times the French braid leaves not too hard. Variations on French the French braid is of kosyosoby interest also because it is not obligatory to spin it from top to down. It is possible to do it from temple to temple, it is a little obliquely or even in some way. Interestingly two French braids united about nape look. But it is better to begin, of course, with simple option, and then already to pass to more difficult.

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