We care for appearance: original dreadlocks without harm for hair

We care for appearance: original dreadlocks without harm for hair

Often the people wishing to do hair in the form of dreads should refuse the idea because of the mass of the prejudices surrounding it. Myths about dreadlocks the set goes, but gradually many of them manage to be destroyed.

Many are frightened by the fact that from dreads allegedly there is more harm for hair, than advantage. Skeptically adjusted people usually list the same list of common delusions on which each paragraph there is truthful answer. The most widespread myth - that in dreadlocks fleas and louses are got. If not to wash hair and in general to refuse personal hygiene, then parasites will be got also on the bald head. If regularly to wash the head and to look after itself, no problems with louses should arise.

The pediculosis - infectious disease, and its emergence does not depend on type of hair and on hairstyle.

The second myth is the statement that dreadlocks have unpleasant smell. Most likely, it is connected with unusual type of such hairstyle - it seems something careless, as a result - is associated with dirt and unpleasant smells. Hair really well absorb all aromas and therefore if after washing to splash on dreadlocks spirits or long is in rooms with strong smells - hair in dreadlocks, as well as any other, will become impregnated with these aromas before the following washing or a little longer. After washing of the head with dreadlocks more time is necessary and attention to give to drying of hair as without access of air rotting processes can begin, and then really dreadlocks will badly smell.

The third myth says that if to wash hair with soap and not to comb hair, dreadlocks will arise. But it is right only for hair of the African type and on them such process takes from year to three years, and at first hair look not too beautifully. In case with the types of hair widespread in midland, in the absence of hairbrush not brushed hair will remain just not brushed hair, and in year they will be felted not in accurate dreadlocks, and in one big plica poconica.

It is better to entrust emergence of dreads to masters especially as such procedure costs not too much, and looks very stylish.

One more myth - that dreadlocks are very harmful to hair. But in fact their creation does not demand either chemical, nor thermal influence, further also nothing influences hair and head skin. So if to compare to daily combing, and sometimes and laying where varnishes are used, mousses, hair dryers and other not absolutely harmless means, dreadlocks can be considered rest both for hair, and for head skin. Use for creation of dreads of wax - one more myth, thus is done by not all types of dreads, and method with wax quite seldom is used. If desired the client, the professional master can use wax, but will also easily do also without it. What will get rid of dreads is possible, having only shaved the head nalyso, partly the right statement as it is impossible to untangle dreadlocks really. But it is possible to grow not braided hair on 3-4 cm, and this length after trimming will be for good hairstyle quite enough. Therefore absolutely bald head after dreads after all too the myth. Many think that the real dreadlocks can be weaved only out of the hair and therefore if hair a little - it is better not to do it as nothing good will turn out. But in fact except natural dreads there are safe - when the hair braid in braid and roll in artificial hair around. Such dreadlocks create both the necessary volume, and other color if desired, here only in comparison with natural dreadlocks they are not so durable. The last delusion that dreadlocks do not need further adjustment. It is not necessary if the person is going to cut off dreadlocks. Otherwise it is necessary to podputyvat new each several weeks, and the extended part changes each half a year. These procedures are not difficult and if to compare them to construction of daily hairstyle on long hair, one may say, that care for dreadlocks does not take time at all.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team