We choose sunblock cream for the skin

We choose sunblock cream for the skin

You are sent on long-awaited leave to luxuriate under beams of the sun. It is important to remember what without protective skin cream on the beach could not be done, then it is necessary to treat solar burns. It is necessary to think of such important thing as sunblock cream in advance.

Gathering for rest to the sea, people with passion pack suitcase: clothes, sunglasses, headdress, beach umbrella, etc. And about sunblock cream not all remember. Rest can be saddened by burns on skin. It is necessary to have knowledge how to receive beautiful suntan and at the same time to keep health of skin. For this purpose also use sunblock cream. Ultraviolet rays are useful only at short-term stay in the sun, no more than 15 minutes. If you pursue the aim to sunbathe, then cream is obligatory.

What cream to buy?

On tube with cream the index of protection of SPF against ultra-violet radiation like B, and UVA is written – from beams like A. The more the specified number, the is higher protective properties of cream. It is good if in its structure there is vitamin E, it reduces sensitivity of skin to the radiation of the sun. Cream is selected according to skin phototype. Them a little:

  • The first type. Blondes with blue eyes and red-haired people with pale skin. They instantly "burn down" in the sun. Such people will suit cream with the maximum protection: SPF-60 and UVA-16.
  • The second type. Blondes with gray, brown eyes. They also have to use cream with the maximum protection. Only when there will be suntan, it is possible to begin to use cream more weakly (SPF-20).
  • The third type. White-skinned people with brown eyes and chestnut-colored hair. The most widespread phototype, easily sunbathes. However in the first days it is recommended to use cream with the maximum level of protection, and only after emergence of easy suntan to pass to weaker cream (SPF-15). Also a little swarty brown-eyed people with chestnut shade of hair treat this type. These people suit cream with protection of SPF-15.
  • The fourth type. Swarty dark-eyed brunettes, sunbathe normally and do not need creams. In the preventive purposes can use cream with protection of SPF-6.
  • The fifth type. Very swarty dark-haired people (Hindus). Their skin is protected from obgoraniye by the nature. It is possible to use cream with the minimum protection.
  • The sixth type. Carry Africans to it. Advise them to use only skin moistening cream, dark skin does not need the protectant.

How to apply cream

It is necessary to do it houses, before exit to the street. Evenly apply cream on body with slight circular motions. After you 3-4 times have bathed, it is necessary to apply protective cream again. Special attention needs to be paid to breast, shoulders, nose and face.

Upon purchase of sunblock cream check attentively means expiration date. Also estimate cream smell: it has to be pleasant to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team