We choose the safe rectifier for hair

We choose the safe rectifier for hair

The procedure of hair straightening for many women and girls became same habitual, as well as use of the hair dryer. And if more or less carefully the female half of humanity has learned to dry hair, then with the iron yet not everything is clear for hair. The market of these devices constantly is replenished with novelties, and the prices of them differ, confusing buyers even more.

It is important to remember that from what rectifier you will choose, health and beauty of your hair will depend directly. It is necessary to focus attention, first of all, on material of which device plates are made.

Metal plates

Material heating the surface of the rectifier – key indicator of safety of the device for laying. Plates have to get warm and have evenly the covering minimizing damage from continuous and long thermal impact on hair. The iron with metal plates does not meet these requirements. The lack of protective layer, direct influence of heat and the wrong distribution of temperature destroy structure of hair, and it, in turn, becomes the reason of split ends and other problems with hair. The low cost of rectifiers of this sort is explained by it.

Ceramic plates

Much more smaller harm to hair is done by ceramic plates of the iron. This material helps to distribute evenly heat on the heating surface and keeps temperature, optimum for straightening. The device for styling with ceramic plates carefully slides on hair, providing as well high quality of laying. One more plus of such rectifiers is good ratio the price – quality.

Plates with various coverings

Drawing additional protective layer on plates do the rectifier of ceramics to safer for hair and even provide care for them. So, the thin tourist's crimson covering of plates has the natural ionizing effect which neutralizes static electricity and does hair more smooth and brilliant. Jade – one more semiprecious mineral used in coverings of plates. Its main advantage is a very sparing action to hair. The rectifier with zhadeitovy covering of plates can be used also on moist hair. One more material used as protective coating is titanium. Plates from this metal allow to regulate very thinly iron temperature, and the effect of straightening remains much longer. There are also rectifiers with covering from silver ions which can have the revitalizing effect on hair at all. All listed materials are rather expensive, their use increases the rectifier price several times.

Additional functionality

In safety issue of the rectifier also its additional functions have important role. Correctly picked up iron temperature will help to minimize adverse effect on hair. And it means that the device has to be equipped with temperature regulators. Even more modern and convenient devices have digital indicators for visualization of indicators in laying process. Some devices are capable to remember settings or to independently define the laying modes for any given type of hair. When choosing the iron for straightening it is worth paying attention to such functions as autoshutdown and rotation of network cable. Well and of course, it is necessary to use the iron only together with special heat-resistant cosmetics for hair. It will help to make the procedure of straightening of the most careful.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team